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It has been a few months now since I was at this years North American SAP Centric EAM Event that was held in Austin from February 24- 27, 2014. It was another great event and I wanted to share with you an overview of the event itself and as well as many of the inspiring quotes from the impressive lineup of speakers that spoke at this event.

I am very much looking forward to next years' event SAP Centric EAM March 8 -11, 2015 event which will be held in Huntington Beach, California. This is one of my favorite locations to hold this event at.

This year was the 10th year of this event and it was another very successful collaboration between the Eventful Group, SAP and ASUG. I have had the pleasure of attending this event every year since its inception back in 2004. This event gets better each year building on the learnings and experiences from each previous year.

SAP Centric EAM has truly become “ the event “  where the North America SAP EAM Community comes together once a year. The event was held in a wonderful location,  the Hyatt Lost Pines in Austin. We had a lot of interesting conversations both inside and outside the conference venue, SAP EAM Community members helping each other. We have build a very strong community over the years and this event always has almost the feeling of a yearly " family reunion " for many of us. In addition to people at the event who have been here many times of the years, there were a lot of first time attendees at the event. The beautiful and special thing about this community is that the " old timer " attendees go out of their way to welcome and network with the " first timers " attendees not just during the event. Welcoming these " first timers "  into the " SAP Centric EAM " family and making them feel at home and helping them as you would help family members.

This years event was once again very highly rated according to attendee feedback. I continue to hear a lot of excellent feedback from attendees about the event.

"SAP-Centric EAM brought together a VERY impressive group of people and provided an excellent experience. It's nice to know there are MANY of us with the same issues, concerns and passions." - Ken Hicks, Gerdan

"SAP-Centric EAM is the only event which gives me an opportunity to ask questions to any expert, peer or vendor and receive a one-on-one explanation. I have built a wide range of knowledge over the years from this conference." - Ramesh Vora, Nexen Energy ULC

"As a whole, SAP-Centric EAM was a very useful event for me. There were quality presentations but top of everything was the management of the event by The Eventful Group. I'm really appreciative." - Abrar Ahmad, Suncor

We had a lot of insightful content in the program and most importantly a large number of leading SAP EAM experts in attendance. There as a lot of excellent educational sessions, formal and informal discussions and amazing networking with SAP Customers, SAP and the Partners in SAP EAM Partner Ecosystem.

The partner ecosystem in attendance represented what I believe is the who's who of the SAP Partner Ecosystem - all in one place at one time, there was lots of discussions and interactions between conference attendees and with these partners experts on the exhibit floor. It was always a buzz with activity.

Here is the link to the schedule that lists all of the speaker sessions for additional detail on session abstracts if you want to see more detail on what was talked about by our lineup of speakers  http://www.sap-centric-eam.com/2014/schedule.htm

Our speakers talked about quite a variety of topics related to " Enterprise Asset Management and SAP "  as illustrated by this word cloud.

Here is a collection of the inspirational quotes from our event speakers frommost of speakers at the SAP Centric EAM 2014 event. I asked them to share with me what was the one guy thing that you want the attendees from your presentation session to walk away with from your presentation. I have included them below along with the title of their presentation session as well.

I appreciated them sharing their quotes with me so that I can in turn share then with you. I hope you enjoy them and share them with others.

I would be very  interested in hearing from your comments on these quotes  ... What is your favorite quote or the one that most resonates with you  ?

Speaker Quotes

Meeting the Challenges of Asset Management Today and Tomorrow

“ The future of Asset Management is about embracing the whole product and asset lifecycle by sharing big data and information between OEM, service provider, and asset owner and operator. “ - Achim Krueger, SAP

“ The convergence of IT and OT using a real-time data platform provides instant insight and allows for actionable knowledge, thus bridging the gap between shop floor, plant and corporate IT and provides transparency about cost, risk and performance in all lines of the business and on all levels “ - Achim Krueger, SAP

“ User experience (e.g. 3D visualization) is key when providing workers and decision makers with digestible information they need, in the format they need it, and at the site they need it. “ - Achim Krueger, SAP

Materials Management/ Purchasing & Plant Maintenance

“ Using SAP integration between work orders and materials management is a major advantage. It could be as simple as double clicking on a field to find a wealth of information.” – Graham Johnston. Macquarie Generation

Counter Based Routine Maintenance

“ Using counter reading to drive any PM program is always the best approach. Setting up the standard SAP Counter Base maintenance solutions is not that difficult to understand but the benefits are enormous.”  – Graham Johnston. Macquarie Generation

MRO Storeroom Best Practices at Hershey

“ Lay the foundation for creating an Effective Storeroom by running it like a business.  Following these six key points should enable you to evaluate your current MRO/Storeroom process and make incremental improvements. “ - Linda Dietzel, Hershey

How is Your Maintenance Planning Impacting Your Spares Planning ?

“ Planning and scheduling are key functions behind a successful maintenance organization, but have you considered how your SAP toolset can be used to include your buyers and spares controllers on this journey to success?” -  John Bassi 
Reveal USA

Sort Fields — SAP PM's Reporting/ Budgeting Wild Card

“ A major goal of any successful EAM implementation should be to satisfy the reporting requirements of everyone.  Sort Fields remove traditional reporting hurdles and enable users to build custom reports that highlight key measures without compromise. “  - Justin Lester -  Denbury

Business Case for Mobility

" Mobility is a means to an end, not the end. Make sure you know you will use the information provided so your solution is efficient."  - George Kenyon, Linde

Make Your System Work

“ Your system is a great tool, but strategy, process and people will make it work “  - Christer Idhammar , IDCON INC

Build a Solid Foundation to Get the Most Out of Your SAP PM System

“ Building new functionality on a shaky foundation is a recipe for failure.  Take the time to understand and solidify the basics. “  - Keith Berriman, Agrium

Open Catalog Interface and Integration to EAM (Work Orders)

A tool that every planner should have available, it is simple to configure and use, enhances user acceptance, and delivers a number of benefits to both Maintenance and Procurement. ” - Tony Brown, Eastman Chemical

Finding the Hidden Opportunities in Planning and Scheduling

“ If you are not planning and scheduling your work orders, then you are just running a backlog list, and you are missing a huge opportunity to improve your business and efficiency.  It is inherently a lot of ongoing work, and there are many options and approaches to be considered, but the business benefits are proven to be there. “  -  John Dwyer, Vesta Partners

Applying Core SAP Functionality to Support Job Planning and Scheduling

“ No matter how simple or advanced your business or SAP solution design, it all rests on getting the basics, the core functionality, right.  Get that done, and you have a working system that is the foundation for wherever you want to take it – ignore it and you miss a great opportunity and will struggle with SAP forever.  And the good news is…. It’s actually not that hard to do. “  -   John Dwyer, Vesta Partners

Managing Mobile Equipment with SAP — Surviving the First 3 Years

" Reliable SAP master data, cornerstone for accountability, has the potential to enable effective production reporting, encourage financial responsibility and improve reliability of your mobile equipment fleet. Add a dash of creative IT strategy and a pinch of simplicity for best results.” - Mitch Clemmons, Union Pacific Railroad

MRO Data Governance Best Practices for Operational Excellence

“ The indirect materials supply chain has always been essential to drive organizational efficiency and production capacity, but it has finally been recognized as a strategic enabler of Operational Excellence. Make sure your MRO is optimized to drive sustainable growth, foster continuous improvement, and reduce operational risk for your Operational Excellence program ! ” – Max Mascarenhas, IHS

Controlling Human Error with World-Class Maintenance Procedure Management

“ The evidence is clear – lack of or ineffective procedures is the leading cause of failure in the plant.  One need only look at reliability critical industries like aviation and nuclear power to see the importance.  In this session, you’ll learn how to put the precision in your procedures to control human error. ” -  Drew Troyer, Sigma Reliability Solutions

What's World-Class Equipment Asset Management Worth to Your Company ?

“ Most efforts to reach upper quartile equipment asset reliability management performance fail to reach the finish line because most don’t even make it to the starting line.  You need to realistically and systematically estimate the economic potential associated with driving your organization to upper quartile equipment asset reliability management performance and sell the message up and down the organization to get your organization to the starting line. ” - Drew Troyer, Sigma Reliability Solutions

Optimizing Your Turnaround Planning/ Scheduling

“ Focus on SAP to provide all your daily and turnaround planning/scheduling needs by building strong and detailed plans, using detailed plans to drive your schedule and schedule within SAP to optimize organization and productivity “  - Bobby Tynes, LANXESS Corporation

Making SAP User Friendly via Screen Personas

“ Lack of user acceptance of standard SAP screens can place a business transformation project at risk of failure. By delivering a simplified user interface using SAP Screen Personas, companies can provide a more user friendly way to execute their processes. - Augustine P Spivak, PricewaterhouseCoopers

MRS - An Implementation Success Story at Evergreen Packaging

“ Our goal is to make sure that our customers have what they need when they need it, and to do that we have to make sure our own manufacturing operations remain uninterrupted. SAP Multi-resource Scheduling helps Evergreen ensure predictability and continuity of its supply chain ” - Sanjay Srivastava, Evergreen Packaging Inc

Kimberly-Clark SAP Plant Maintenance Acquisition Implementation Model

“ You want me to merge whose data?   Develop a process to successfully merge master data into your SAP EAM System. ” - David Schroeder, Kimberly-Clark

How Dow Chemical Managed Their SAP Data Migration Process

“ Quality Data is the fuel that drives SAP business processes.  To have business ready quality data at go-live organizations must create Highly Reliable Data readiness teams who can transform legacy data to consumable transformed SAP Enterprise data. “  - Nancy Schultz, Dow Chemical

Leading on the Edge - Extreme Asset Management

“ Managing assets and facilities in Antarctica is extreme - the weather is unpredictable and spare parts are in short supply. There is no hardware store down the road, so you have one chance to get it right. It requires a high performing team - and the secret to team excellence is respect. Respect trumps harmony every time. “  - Rachael Robertson, Rachael Robertson Pty Ltd

Managing Asset Information Visually — The One Stop Shop

“ Quality Asset Information is an asset in its own right.  It adds value to an organisation by enabling quicker and better decisions. Equally, poor Asset Information is a liability in its own right,  obstructing decision making and costing an organisation time and money. ” - David Peters, ElectraNet

“ Technology lovers take note: Mobility is a tool, not the goal.  Our goal is to capture just enough quality information on the condition of our assets, so we make better and quicker asset management decisions - mobility is a part of that. ” - David Peters, ElectraNet

Mobile Asset Management: Achieving Operational Excellence

" Mobility solutions are transforming asset management ” - Karsten Hauschild, SAP

Managing IT Demand, Capacity and Work Using SAP PPM, PS and PM

“ Providing visibility and a standard methodology for capacity management enables decisions to support demand management. “   Daniel Wingerning, South California Edison

Keeping Continuous in Continuous Improvement

“ It is difficult to listen to an end user complain about the SAP EAM maintenance and reliability functionality, when a company that has won the North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award twice uses the same product. (Aera Energy) ” - Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners

Asset Management Standards – What Every EAM Professional Needs to Know

“ Of all the developments in the EAM Community over the past few decades, the ISO-55000 standard has the potential to have the largest impact.” - Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners

Organizing Resources and Structuring For Success

“ Having the right program/ project organizational structure in place, provides for more effective governance, thereby exponentially increasing the ability to meet or exceed business benefits and enabling the entire organization to pull in the same direction.  “  - Crawford Owens, PG&E

Work Safer Using SAP Tools

“ As the Campbell Institute of the National Safety Council says ...... "To be able to achieve world class EHS leadership, a strong EHS Management System integrated with Operations is essential".  That is the strength of the SAP EHSM solutions (Incident Mgt, Risk Assessment, and Management Of Change) in that the integration to EAM is solid and delivered. “  - Sharon M. Blake, SAP

Right Sizing Your Mobility Solution

“When implementing your Mobility Solution, it should not create more complexity for your organization than the problems it seeks to solve. “ - Darryl Cooper, Hess Corporation

“So why do Mobility?  Hopefully to solve a problem, to improve, to optimize, and add value to existing processes.” - Darryl Cooper, Hess Corporation

Enhancing the User Experience for SAP Enterprise Asset Management

“ Consumer user experience ( facebook, youtube, twitter, amazon…) is the new standard for enterprise applications; complex and feature-rich experience must be replaced by simplicity, intuitiveness, and mobility.  -  Dean Fitt, SAP

“ Innovations in computing hardware (smart phones, tablets, surface displays, 3D displays, etc.) have been among the biggest game-changers in user experience (UX) over the last few years. “ -  Dean Fitt, SAP

Let's Look Forward: Scheduling SAP PM Work Orders

“It’s all about a good business process, understanding how SAP works for that business process and Management directing that everyone follow that process”  - Jeff Smith, Fairfax Water

“It’s all about the process: understating the process, building a good process for people to follow, figuring out how SAP can be used to work the process, Management enforcing the process, and if the process doesn’t work, fix it”  - Jeff Smith, Fairfax Water

“A good business process produces good results” -  Jeff Smith, Fairfax Water

Expanding SAP Usage and Adoption with a Simpler Interface

" Drive best practices using the system not the user, take the guess work out.  Users with options have options to make mistakes “ - Marcus Mullins, Tyson

Going Linear with SAP

“ The Internet of Things is largely about distributed assets: where they, how they're related, and information about them.   This requires strong mobile mapping and information delivery platforms.  Today they are largely separate; the future will see seamless integration. “  - Steve Benner, ESRI

Implementing Linear Asset Management and GEO.e with GIS Integration

" Exceed the sum of the parts by integrating GIS and SAP.   Synchronize asset data, provide a system of record, and deliver key information when and where needed.” - Ed Hudak, Vesta Partners

A Craft, Planner & Supervisor’s Best SAP Friend - IW38

“ Setting up variants and layouts presents data at the “Push of a Button” (almost). “  - Joan Cave,  MillerCoors

SAP Reports - Garbage In, Garbage Out

“ Data Management is critical to avoid Garbage in and Garbage Out. “  - Wesley Dean,  MillerCoors

Going Linear with SAP

“ If your assets are geographically dispersed than you need a user interface based on a map not on a list, consider the SAP linear and GEO.e solution to provide a user interface that aligns with the way that you work ” - Len Harms, Vesta Partners

Getting It Right for the Front Lines — From Invisible to Visible

“ Have a plan - Designing, developing and implementing without solid processes, training, and follow-up is pointless. “  - John Kushnir, CP Rail

“ We learned something. You have to invest in training – not just initial training – and/or spend more on the front end to mitigate risks associated with change management. “  - John Kushnir, CP Rail

“ The fact is, auditing is necessary to keep everyone honest and achieve consistent - high quality results. An overused but true saying – “What gets measured gets improved ! ” - John Kushnir, CP Rail

“ Save yourself a ton of heart break by figuring out what you really need before you jump into solution mode. “ - John Kushnir, CP Rail

MRS - An Implementation Success Story at Evergreen Packaging

“ Scheduling is a complex process and you can only mature by making sure predecessor processes, particularly work planning, are well established. A functional and feature rich software tool, like MRS, is essential and can help drive performance improvement but real gain also requires mature work practices and schedulers with the correct skills and competencies. “  - Angus McIntosh, Vesta Partners

Expanding SAP Usage and Adoption with a Simpler Interface

“ What makes SAP so great makes SAP so hard and users with options have options to make mistakes.” - Aparna Desai, Synactive

The Challenges of Collecting, Migrating & Maintaining Data

“ Getting the EAM data right in your SAP system is key to enabling the maintenance processes to be effective and provide the benefits your company needs. “ - Peter Aynsley-Hartwell, Utopia

“ Not only does SAP provide the EAM toolset but also a range of EIM (Enterprise Information Management)  and MDG (Master Data Governance)  tools to help you get the data, clean the data and then keep it clean.  “  - Peter Aynsley-Hartwell, Utopia

BOM Creation... Where to Begin, Lose the Panic ! It's Easy

“ Realistic expectations are key to the successful execution of a bill of materials data strategy. Efficient planning of time and resources from both PM & MM is critical to achieve those expectations on a tight implementation schedule.  “    - Scott Allen, Denbury Resources

What I Wish I knew 10 Years Ago About the "Why" of EAM

" Why is a very powerful word, if it were asked more often of during our EAM implementations I suspect our systems would be cleaner, better utilized, and produce better results." – Norm Poynter, NLAS Possibilities

EAM Master Data POV – 10 Years and Counting !

" Master Data has made the hot topic list year after year, will it still be on the list for the next 10 years ? " ." – Norm Poynter, NLAS Possibilities

Learnings from an Implementation: Eastman's Reliability Based Operations and Maintenance Program (RBOM)

“Asset reliability is determined by the amount of ownership from operations and maintenance. You will never attain a high level of reliability without both groups working together in partnership.”  - Stephen Powers, Eastman Chemical Company

“ SAP now offers endorsed business solutions for RCM, FMEA, Asset Strategy Management and Criticality Analysis which allow for the optimization of existing maintenance plans utilizing approaches which balance costs and risk.  Ensure the risky items are being monitored and maintained and cut out the low value work which drains valuable resources ” – Joe Nichols, Meridium

Pursuing Operational Excellence at PG&E with SAP MII

“ Successfully enabling Operational Excellence demands a development framework with prebuilt capabilities that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Utilizing SAP MII, our team is optimizing business processes by integrating single source data systems, automating labor intensive activities, and by providing intuitive graphical based screens; enabling knowledge workers to spend more time making decisions and less time processing data. “  - Minor Wakefield, PG&E

Mobility or Usability or Both ?

“ Usability and Mobility must be a unified effort that is built for the front-line by the front-line and is not just a flashy add-on to SAP.” - Jason Moore, Marathon Oil

Visual Enterprise and EAM – Making It Happen

“ With the new 2D Hot Spot functionality in “SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Link” you can overcome hurdles of missing CAD data and start right away connecting 2D Graphics (from static legacy 2D drawings, photographs, exploded diagrams, PDF’s) to SAP Business Data via “Tagged” Hot Spots. – Making it Happen ! ” - Rainer Jahraus, SAP

Top Down View of Asset Management — Planning for the Next 20 Years

“ SaskPower is leading the world in demonstrating technology that could keep coal as future clean energy option through its Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Project. While all project team members play critical roles, the unsung heroes are often those who look after the maintenance of the existing assets while decisions are made to refurbish or retire old assets when they reach end of life. “  – Guy Bruce, SaskPower

Rise of the Machines — Smart Assets and Asset Management Today and Tomorrow

“ Welcome to the new wave of working in the Asset Management Community enabled by connected smart assets and the joining of the parallel universe of the physical and digital. Historical benefits from asset management represent only a fraction of the value that can be unlocked from the tremendous potential of truly integrated and connected Asset Management. Your Asset Management future is part Star Trek part Minority Report part the Matrix  “  - Paul Kurchina, KurMeta