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In this blog I will explain some new features/functionalities/improvements being introduced in SAP S/4HANA Central Finance 2023. This is the latest major release

Supporting additional FI integrating Currencies

Until now, the second or third FI currency for a company code had to be the same in source and target. Deviating currencies could only be used as non FI integrated currencies in CFIN. This had an impact on processes which required FI integrated currencies. With 2023 this is now possible to define a second or third FI currency which is different in the source and the Central Finance system for a company code.

Set up: When a deviating FI Integrated currency is used, clearing line items need to be created in the source

  • New IMG activity Central Finance: Source System Settings --> Settings for the Transfer of Clearings

  • Enhancement for consistency check to checks, that flag is mandatorily set on source side

  • Postings for a company code with deviating FI Integrated currencies w/o the flag set lead to an error in Central Finance in document replication

App with pending journal entries have filters

Now Fiori App “F7149 Pending Journal Entries Message View” provides new views to the users

  • Visual filtering based on company code and number of messages by error message

  • Summarization of messages by message number

  • Navigation to details including temporary posting app


Support CO Production Order in Cost Object Replication

The CO production order was not supported till 2022 as the source cost object. With 2023 CO Production order is supported in standard Cost Object mapping framework.

Update Active Mapping Scenario of Cost Object Replication

In previous releases if we fins some values missing and need to adjust characteristics after running cost object mapping the standard recommendation was to delete existing cost objects and reconfigure the mapping scenario and rules and then reload the deleted cost objects. This was not practical from business perspective. With 2023 the solution is available which does not impact the historic data and new scenarios can be created in UPDATE MODE

Support of Universal Parallel Accounting in FI Online Replication

Universal Parallel Accounting (UPA) provides the full integration of different values per ledger and currency type. This allows to have deviating amounts for each ledger in the same transaction. In Central Finance only the amounts of the leading ledger were used for all ledgers.

Central Management of Open Items in General Ledger

At times when there are many source systems and customer want to manage the GL open items in central system the central clearing was introduced in 2022 releases. But this was not working for the GL accounts with – Ledger Specific Open items specific open item management, and there was no solution to handle historic G/L open items which were posted before activating this functionality. With 2023 the new feature is introduced

  • Enable managing and clearing of ledger specific G/L open items centrally, by setting ‘ALE extern’ for related G/L open items in the source system when the open item is posted or reset.

  • Technically clear open items in G/L accounts in the source system which were created before activation of central management of G/L open items via a report, to prevent clearing activities in the source system.

This can also be done for historic open items

Customizable Validations for Accounting View of Logistics Information

Till now the AVL data was not validated and that impacts the data quality in cfin when AVL data is used for reporting. With 2023 new checks can be built by the project itself. This is applicable for SAP and Non SAP source systems

Permanent Consistency Check  - Additional Objects

Permanent Consistency Check was enabled in 2022. With 2023 new objects are added as below

  • Cost Element, Cost Center, Cost Object

  • Document Type

  • Tax Code, Tax Processing Key

  • Company Code N:1 Value Mapping

There are some more minor changes but those may not be significant rather those are operational. I will add here as I am now working on 2023 Proof of Concept for a project.

Enjoy reading
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