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In Most of the projects there are requirements to have extensibility to SAP Central Finance. In this blog we will discuss only SOME of them. Of course it changes per customer per project based on the business requirements, but here are some common one which I used in almost all the projects

Extensions/Enhancements we will discuss in this blog are:

  1. Extension 1 – Sending of Customer defined Data from Source Systems to Central Finance for FI documents

  2. Extension 2 - Sending of Customer defined Data from Source Systems to Central Finance for CO documents

  3. Extension 3 - Sending of Customer defined Data from Source Systems to Central Finance for AVL

  4. Extension 4 – When you want to ignore COPA data from source system and want to derive COPA directly in CFIN system

  5. Extension 5 – Enhancement of Reconciliation reports (to add more fields)

  6. Extension 6 – Additional mapping for COPA

Extension 1

If we have some custom fields in ECC system then we need to transfer those custom fields to Central Finance when data is loaded/replicated as some of the key business processes must be attached to those custom fields (unless you enhanced ECC for fun 😊)

SAP don’t allow to enhance the standard transfer table (CFIN_ACCIT) for FI documents rather additional table is provided which can be added with relevant fields – CFIN_ACCIT_APP with CI_CFIN_ACCIT_APP_EXT.

In order to enhance the historical FI/CO documents with custom fields during extraction step, the custom fields have to be created in the source system in the customer include CI_CFIN_ACCIT_APP_EXT. Same fields have to be created in the Central Finance in one of the customer includes CI_COBL, INCL_EEW_ACDOC or CI_CFIN_ACCIT_APP_EXT, depending what is the use case for the respective custom field in Central Finance system. By adding the custom fields in the respective includes, it will automatically extend the staging table CFIN_ACCIT_APP in source/target system.

After the custom fields have been added in the structures, the BAdI method FI_DOC_ENHANCE_INI-TIAL_LOAD can be implemented to populate the respective custom fields during extraction step.

Extension 2

Similarly for CO documents we have transfer table - CFIN_CO_ADD with CI_CFIN_CO_EXT

Extension 3

During AVL replication SAP provides the set of standard fields. If you have requirement to add custom fields to AVL structure that needs to be done in 3 parts

  • Extend the source tables – VBAK, VBRK (As needed)

  • Extend the Receiver structure

    • Transfer Structure – FINS_CFIN_A_AV_VBAP

    • Processing Structure – FINS_CFIN_S_AV_SO_ITEM

  • Enhance SLT Structure

Extension 4

Lot of times customer believes that the COPA data in source is not relevant and it should be re derived newly in CFIN system. In that case SAP gives option to ignore the COPA data from FI and CO documents from load and replication and derive COPA in S/4HANA Central Finance system. Also check SAP note 2641354 for more information

In this case we need to set the flag in BAdI IF_BADI_FIN_CFIN_DOCUMENT~SKIP_COPA, return the rv_skip_copa as abap_true and this will allow to bypass the saving of data in CFIN_COPA


Extension 5

Enhance the reconciliation reports - Standard SAP Reconciliation reports (below) are very limited in terms of fields and generally don’t meet the customer requirements.

Interface Details Transaction Code
Financial Accounting Count of Journal Entries FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_NUM
Financial Accounting G/L Account Line Items FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC
Financial Accounting G/L Account Balances FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_BAL
Financial Accounting FI Clearing Status of Document Line Items FINS_CFIN_DFV_CLR
Management Accounting Count of CO Documents FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_NUM
Management Accounting Line Items for Cost Elements FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_DOC
Management Accounting Balances for Cost Elements FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_BAL

The custom reports needs to be created with existing logic and the read logic in source systems should be driven based on the standard BADI provided – BADI_FIN_CFIN_DFV

With this new fields can be added in reconciliation reports like vendor, customer, Cost centre, profit centre, Segment, Functional area etc which most of the time is the business requirement

Extension 6 - Additional mapping for COPA

Besides the mappings which can be maintained in the CO-PA mapping tool (technical mapping be-tween source characteristic fields and target characteristic fields), SAP provides a BAdI which allows additional mappings for the profitability analysis:

  • technical mapping between source characteristic fields and target characteristic fields

  • changes of the CO-PA characteristic values

This BAdI is executed for those scenarios where profitability analysis is involved:

  • replication of FI/CO Documents

  • replication of CO Secondary postings

  • replication of Accounting Views

Available BADI is - BADI_FINS_CFIN_COPA_MAPPING – Additional Mapping for Profitability Analysis

SAP provides a lot options in Central Finance for several enhancements in different areas like Projects/WBS replication, Cost Objects, AVL, FI and CO document replication. Also refer to the below BADIs available in standard SAP Central Finance. Available BADIs are mentioned here.

Based on customer needs and requirements these can be used effectively.

I will share more on extensibility/enhancements in SAP Central Finance in my next blog

Enjoy reading and do share your experience via comments.
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