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When Central Payment is activated in SAP S/4HANA system the business processes are executed in various systems like invoice is in source and payment is in S/4HANA and this may result in business complexities for the dependent processes which were simple when end to end process was in one system. Complexities may be:

  • Clearing status is not available in source system

  • Dependent business processes on clearing status are now at halt

  • The mechanisms that are used to lock/validate the clearing status in a single system cannot be used in a cross-system scenario

SAP has introduced the new framework called Cross-System Process Control (CSPC) to allow the smooth and consistent flow of business processes which involve changes to documents and which are distributed across different systems where documents are replicated between the systems. Following controls can be implemented with this framework.

For FI Invoices, SD Invoices & any down payment requests, the system prevents the accidental reversal in source system in below cases:

  • The document has already been cleared in the S/4HANA Central Finance system.

  • The customer/vendor account is locked in the S/4HANA Central Finance system.

  • The corresponding replicated document is locked in the S/4HANA Central Finance system.

  • Individual Document reversal via FB08

  • Intercompany Document Reversal via FBU8

How to activate CSPC:

This involves some notes implementation and configuration in both source & CFIN systems

  • Central Payment Activation

  • Note 2815665 – in source system

  • Note – 2819756 in S/4HANA CFIN system

  • Note - 2855094 in S/4HANA CFIN system

  • Central Payment settings completed (below)

RFC set up should be similar as of Central Payments

Configure Remote systems for CSPC with Process Type as CPAY

Release restrictions:

  • Source should be minimum ECC 6.0

  • S/4HANA should be minimum 1709 FPS0

Once the activation is complete, it is recommended to run the CSPC Initialization program to ensure the existing open items (AR & AP) are also covered. This program needs to be executed for:

  • Any new company codes where Central Payment is activated after CSPC activation, for which historical open AP/AR items were created in the source system before Central Payment activation.

  • Any existing Company codes which have already been activated for Central Payment before CSPC activation, for which historical open AP/AR items were created in the source system before CSPC activation.

How to Execute:

  1. Launch the program – CFINIMG > Central Finance: Target System Settings > Central Payment >  Cross-System Process Control for Central Payment > Initialization of Cross-System Process Control

  2. Provide relevant number of jobs

  3. Execute

    1. Before running the CSPC initialization report, any pending AIF issue of repeated replication should be resolved beforehand.

    2. When running the report, the SLT replication should be up & running

  4. Monitor - Initialization Status Monitor

If any error occurs, fix it and rerun. Rerun will only take packages in error.
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