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**this blog is purely a technical blog for the users and project team who are working on error resolution in any SAP Central Finance (SAP S/4HANA Central Finance) projects**

When you run FI and CO Initial Load you get errors and generally in thousands. You may or may not have visibility to all the errors and solution. I this blog I will just highlight the key errors which I have seen being repeated in almost all the projects I have worked on, in Central Finance space.

The actual resolution may not be same for all the readers as it depends on the system settings, release of ECC, release of S/4HANA, customizing setting in both systems, data object scope and more important the enhancements which are done in the systems.


  • FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC - Message # 16 & 17 - Value ** of type ** in field '**' could not be mapped

It is clear from the text that mappings of the concerned data is mssing. Now we need to get in to the error details and find out the righ object. It may be:

  • GL Account

  • Cost Center

  • Vendor

  • Customer

  • Profit Center

  • Or anything else..

Master Data:

Below are the common errors (they are just sample).

Msg Type Msg # Details possible solution
F5 354 Account ** in company code ** cannot be directly posted to GL account used in treanscation is marked as posted automatically or it is a reconciliation account. Either correct the mapping or change the GL settings
KM 700 Profit center **/** does not exist for ** Profit Center is missing
KO 104 Order ** does not exist Internal Order is not yet replicated via AUFK load or it is still in error
F5 507 G/L account ** is not defined in chart of accounts ** GL Account is not defined
FAGL_ORG_UNITS 1 Profit center ** not found in controlling area ** Profit Center is not activated  or created under controlling area
F5 351 Account ** ** is blocked for posting GL Account is blocked for posting
F5 353 Postings to account ** (company code **) are only possible in currency ** In GL master data the currency is specified and it does not allow posting in other currency


Unknown errors:

Below errors will always appear, no matter you re-run multiple times but as the document processing speeds up the count of these errors will go down and very soon all of tehse will be cleared. There is no solution to these errors as they are the errors which are caused by other documents in error

Msg Type Msg # Details possible solution
FINS_CFIN_IF_MESSAGE 4 Document ** Company Code ** Fiscal Year ** has the following errors: Header (ignore)
FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC 160 Document was already posted with ** ** ** Header (ignore)
FINS_FI_MASS_DATA 110 ** step ** failed for work package **; try again Re-Run the load multiple times and this will go away
FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC 50 Referenced invoice not yet posted (CC **, FY **, Doc. **, Item **) Original document is not yet posted. When other document get processed this will alos get posted
FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC 51 Referenced document not yet posted (Comp.Code **, F.Year **, Document **) Original document is not yet posted. When other document get processed this will alos get posted


I will share common configuration errors in other blog soon and I hope these help you.

Happy reading..
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