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There is a continuous buzz that SAP will only support future S/4HANA innovations on CLOUD systems. RISE with SAP is focussed on cloud ONLY. This blog will summarise how Central Finance (as a product/solution) is impacted.

As of now Central Finance is available with SAP S/4HANA from on-premise edition 1503 - deployed on-premise or in the private cloud however SAP Central Finance is not available on Public Cloud yet (source - SAP HELP)

It is also possible to connect an S/4HANA Cloud source system (running in the public cloud) to a Central Finance (on-Premise or private cloud) system however for Cloud Source Systems the transfer of document split information is not supported

Below architecture shows what can be possible source or possible target in cFIN scenario.

Scenarios supported with source cloud system

  • FI document replication

  • CO document replication

  • Cost Object replication

  • Project Data Replication

Limitations with Cloud source systems

  • For Cloud Source Systems the transfer of document split information is not supported

  • Side Panels are not supported

  • The functions provided by Central Finance source system BAdIs is not available.

  • The SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution In-House Banking for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Advanced Payment Management is not supported as part of the Central Finance integration. Journal entries from this solution are not replicated.

  • Credit card payment is not supported for Central Payment when an SAP S/4HANA Cloud source system is connected

  • For cloud systems, the initial load with intermediate data retention (IDR Initial Load) is mandatory. The IDR Recording can only be started for a future period.

Additional Considerations

  • The Central Finance Subsidiary Integration scenario is defined with scope items:

    • 1W4 / Communication Arrangement SAP_COM_0083 (for FI and CO data)

    • 3W1 / Communication Arrangement SAP_COM_0470 (for project data)

  • We need to create RFC destination to call the RFC-APIs in the S/4HANA Cloud system via Cloud Connectivity

  • In case of the a cloud source system only the 1:1 scenario is supported - in the SLT Mass Transfer setup the parameter: - "Allow Multiple Usage" has to be unflagged.

  • The parameter "Read from Single Client" need to be flagged in SLT configuration

  • The clearing transfer is always activated in the S4HANA Cloud source system. To maintain consistency this needs to be activated in cFIN system before the very first posting

Overall in addition to this many other integration factors to be considered like drill-back from GUI, Fiori, Cost object drill-back as well as SLT integration

Share your thoughts as comments as which flavour of source and target you have worked. Target side will be really interesting
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