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AVL is the functionality where some logistics data is replicated from source systems to SAP Central Finance systems for supporting some of the business requirements. To learn more about AVL – READ HERE.

This blog focusses on AVL functionality with Non-SAP (or Third Party) systems. This is available since S/4HANA 2021 release. Previously AVL was available with SAP source systems only however now it have the capability of replicating data from any Non-SAP systems which makes it the complete solution in any customer scenario where source are combination of SAP & Non-SAP systems.

You can replicate the Accounting View of Logistics Information (AVL), including AVL sales documents (service orders, orders, returns, orders without charge, credit memo requests, debit memo requests), customer invoices, purchase orders, and supplier invoices from a third-party source system to the Central Finance system in two ways.

Let’s discuss each option in details

SAP SLT Solution

With this solution, AVL data and changes from third-party source systems can be continuously replicated to the SAP S/4HANA Central Finance system like it comes from source SAP systems

All Error handling and reprocessing of messages happens in AIF. Separate Interfaces are available for SAP and Non-SAP systems (_EX denotes Non-SAP or external)

Below AIF deployment scenarios need to be extracted/activated

Extraction needs to be done by Customer from Non-SAP systems and data needs to be filled in SLT staging tables. Once the staging tables receives the data that data is sent to Central Finance automatically by SLT.

Tables created in SLT for relevant purposes. These tables will be enabled by relevant SAP note

Important to Note

  • SLT content should be updated based on the systems release

  • Start/Stop replication of data via SLT should be carefully handled

  • During system upgrades necessary steps should be followed to avoid inconsistencies

OData Services V4 (APIs)

With this solution, AVL data from third-party source systems can be created, updated or deleted in the SAP S/4HANA Central Finance system as required through API calls. Logistics data including its header, item, and other entities, can be available in the Central Finance system. With API calls, you can send specific entity or the entire document from the third-party source system to create, update or delete the corresponding business data in the Central Finance system, to be consumed for reporting purposes.

APIs available for this purpose are

Name Technical Name Type
Central Finance Customer Invoice (Replicated) API_CFinRpldBillingDocument OData V4
Central Finance Purchase Order (Replicated) API_CFinRpldPurchaseOrder OData V4
Central Finance Sales Document (Replicated) API_CFinRpldSalesDocument OData V4
Central Finance Supplier Invoice (Replicated) API_CFinRpldSupplierInvoice OData V4

Lets share experiences in comments along with the issues/challenges being faced.
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