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In this blog i have summarised what SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting is and how it is helpful to the customers specially in complex environments having multiple source systems. It is best to leverage on top of SAP S/4HANA in SAP Central Finance scenario where SAP and Non-SAP systems are replicating Financial data to SAP S/4HANA.

Without SAP Central Finance as well when single instance of SAP S/4HANA is used the ACR is helpful from compliance perspective.

Advanced Compliance Reporting is a unique and competitive legal reporting solution that allows you to manage your regulatory requirements across the globe. The solution offers features that ensure your complex and diverse legal reporting needs are addressed in uniform, easy to use, and efficient manner. SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR) is available for SAP S/4HANA OPE and Cloud both. Its helps customers with managing the legal reporting comprehensively.

Since ECC is phasing out in few years, lot of legal changes are surfacing in different countries it is imperative to implement SAP ACR. Also, many legal authorities ask to directly submit the tax records electronically like Spain implemented SII, Brazil has NF-e

With SAP Central Finance, it make sense to put ACR as all the Financial data is being replicated to SAP S/4HANA system from several source systems so rather doping the legal reporting from different systems, why not to leverage SAP S/4HANA


SAP ACR with S/4HANA has transformed the legal reporting completely.

source - SAP


What used to happen:


What will happen:

ACR aims to simplify the returns process regardless of the country. Therefore, the solution:

  • Hugely simplifies user processes.

  • Provides end to end reports, that include data analysis.

  • Supports all types of output file: XML, JSON, TXT, XBRL, and PDF.

  • Enables communication with the Competent Authority.

  • Offers real-time reports.

Main Features of Define Compliance Reports are:

  • Create & extend report definitions

  • Upload & download of reporting objects

  • Reporting Activities

  • Support multiple reporting modes

Main Features of Run Compliance Reports are:

  • Versioning of Legal Output formats

  • Manual submission to Government authorities

  • Electronic verification of reports before submissions

  • Reporting dashboard

  • Audit Trial

  • Workflow for approval

  • Manual Adjustment

  • Report Run options

  • Preview

  • Ad Hoc reporting

source - SAP

TWO Main Fiori Apps are:

  1. Define Compliance Reports

  2. Run Compliance Reports

In next blog I will explain the configuration as well as how to use these apps in addition to list of relevant SAP notes.


Stay tuned...
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