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This will be the short blog as the focussed area is what has been changed in SAP S/4HANA Central Finance 1809 with FPS01.

Configuration Consistency check:

  • Withholding Tax (WHT) - This verifies the consistency of configuration settings for withholding tax between the source system and the Central Finance system

  • Currency of the Company Code - This verifies the consistency of the local currency and additional currencies for the company code between the source system and the Central Finance system

  • Currency Decimals - This verifies the consistency of the decimal configuration for currencies between the source system and the Central Finance system

  • Multi Mapping for Company Code - This verifies that no mappings with N:1 relationship exist for the company code. Central Finance supports 1:1 mapping of company codes for replication

  • Profit Center Assignment of Cost Object - This verifies the consistency of the profit center assignment to the cost object between the source system and the Central Finance system

EC-PCA Postings – Replication and Deletion Enhancements

With the new enhancements, we can now maintain the start fiscal year and start period for ongoing  replication of EC-PCA internal postings . Deletion report can be run in Central Finance system to clear all data generated during the initial load/ongoing replication of EC-PCA internal postings or to delete the simulation data that is generated when  the simulation tool for EC-PCA internal postings is executed

Initial Load Performance improvement

A new packaging logic has been implemented which offers performance improvements.
In previous releases, documents were grouped into packages according to G/L account, fiscal year, and period but in this release documents are grouped according to the document number

Accounting View of Logistics Information (AVL)

With these new functions, the Accounting View of Logistics Information (AVL) can be used to replicate pricing documents (only for sales orders) and supplier invoices from your source systems to Central Finance system, and use the deletion report to clean up the Accounting View of Logistics data in the Central Finance system.

In addition to sales orders and customer invoices (which was delivered in immediate previous release) now the replication of pricing documents (only for sales order) and supplier invoices in AVL scenario is also supported

Historical Open Items - Payment control

Historical open items refer to open items which were created before Central Payment activation and were replicated to Central Finance. With this feature, now report FINS_CFIN_APAR_HIST_OI_PRC can be used to set payment block to the historical open items in the Central Finance system, so that they can only be paid in the source system and payment control is put in place

These are some key features which might help in design phase when working on Central Finance projects.

Hope that help the learners...


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