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In some cases, companies compensate employees for their hours incurred in certain activities, with vacation hours. In these cases, we find ourselves with the requirement to set up a multiplicative factor on the hours incurred to calculate the vacation hours with which the worker will be compensated.

Next, we will show how to get a multiplicative factor x2 over the hours incurred in the concept “interventions” to generate available hours of vacation for consumption.

System configuration


Setting the type of time to record hours of interventions to be compensated with vacation hours


We will create two “Z” time accounts, which we will use later:

Once created, we set the time type “04-Hours intervention Compensate with vacations” to make a posting in the 2 accounts (Z00008 and Z00009)

Thus, when an employee imputes 4 hours in the time type “04-Hours intervention Compensate with vacation”, 4 hours will be recorded in the account “Z00008” and another 4 hours in the account “Z00009”, a total of 8 hours, divided between 2 bags of hours.

Setting the type of consumption time of vacation hours by interventions

We will create a “Time Account Positing Order” in the configuration activity  “Time types – Spain”:

Here is the consumption order of the hours available in the time accounts. The first of the one that will be consumed according to the priority is that of “Vacations by intervention” and the second will be that of “Vacations by intervention (Addition”), to which we have put a higher priority (05).

Finally, we will configure the type of times used to consume the holiday hours (08-Consumption vacation Intervention) so that you can use the hours available in the two bags, using the option of “Special posting sequence”:

Required configuration at the employee level

In order for the employee to have these hours, it is necessary to update their time profile, adding the account “Z00009 – Vacation by Intervention (Adition)”

Employee time registration

With the setup done, when an employee registers 4 hours with the time type “04-Hours intervention Compensate for vacation”

It would result in these balances in the accountscreated, 4 hours in each of them:

Employee hour consumption

The employee would see these balances in his vacation accounts corresponding to the compensation for the activity of “hours per intervention”

We could make a 7.5-hour absence request, as we have a total balance of 8 hours (4+4)

After that, we would have a balance of 0.5 hours

As we see in the summary of time account balances, the balance of the account with lower priority is first consumed as set in the configuration of the sequence order created previously:


Any Questions?

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