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Real-time business processes leverage the best features in different products. Keeping the Master data in synch and smooth transactional flow between the systems is a challenge. In the below article let us see how ERP Logic’s integration solution helps in keeping SAP concur and SAP ByDesign in synch


At high-level the following are the requirements considered while developing the Integration

· Supplier details are created and managed in ByDesign. These are pushed to Concur and replicated as Vendors. All the updates to the Suppliers in ByDesign are handled including the supplier status changes (activation/blocked) .

· Purchase Order is created and managed in ByDesign. This information is pushed and replicated as Purchase Order in Concur upon approval/Ordered. Updates to the PO’s are also included for the integration between the systems.

· Payment Request (Supplier Invoice) process is managed in Concur. After approval, the document to be pushed to ByD for payment Processing.


The custom solution is developed using SAP Cloud Application Studio and the API’s provided by Concur.

Process Flow:

Once the solution is deployed, a custom WorkCenter is available to be enabled to users.


Now let us see different features supported.

1)Supplier Integration

Whenever a supplier is created and activated in ByDesign, the corresponding vendor is created in Concur.

If any updates are done in ByDesign to the created supplier, the modifications are captured in Concur in real time.

A dedicated log screen provides all information about success/failure of Supplier creation/modification.

2)Invoice Integration

With the integration in place, a dedicated job looks for approved Payment requests in concur at regular intervals. The retrieved Payment requests are replicated as supplier Invoices in ByDesign.

The retrieved payment request IDs and created supplier invoice ID with success/error messages are maintained in a log for reference.

3)Adhoc Invoice Pull

If in case any Payment request retrieval is failed, it can be re-triggered with this feature.

4)Purchase Order Integration

Purchasing process to be managed at SAP Business® ByDesign®. Upon release of the document, Purchase Order is created or modified in Concur using Concur API.


  • Easy deployment and configuration. No additional middleware involved.

  • Can be customized based on requirement.

  • Less human intervention and hence less error prone.

  • Log screens to better manage the integration based on status. All the exceptions and errors are logged and can be tracked within ByDesign.

  • Feature to re-trigger failed integration records.

  • Enhanced User Interface which allows user to view the invoice image copy stored in Concur.

  • Data is consistent between the two systems.


Thus, with integration in place, time spent in manually making the two-system consistent can be saved. In the next article, we can explore on the custom add-on for Expense Integration between SAP Concur and ByDesign. Kindly share your feedback and questions in comment section. For more details  please visit https://erplogic.com and for demo reach out to info@erplogic.com. To get our Integration solution on SAP store, kindly visit Integration for SAP Concur Invoices | ERP for Small and Midsize Enterprises

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