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Dear all,

I would like to share Certain object types and Form types of SAP B1.


Nothing special, just a small overview of SAP Business One Object Types and Form Types. Hope it helps!

Object Types

Object TypeDescription
1ChartOfAccounts object
2BusinessPartners object
3Banks object
4Items object
5VatGroups object
6PriceLists object
7SpecialPrices object
8ItemProperties object
12Users object
13Documents object that represents a sales invoice document
14Documents object that represents a sales credit note document
15Documents object that represents a sales delivery note document
16Documents object that represents a sales return document
17Documents object that represents a sales order document
18Documents object that represents a purchase invoice document
19Documents object that represents a purchase credit note document
20Documents object that represents a purchase delivery note document
21Documents object that represents a a purchase return document
22Documents object that represents a purchase order document
23Documents object that represents a sales quotation document
24Payments object
28JournalVouchers object
30JournalEntries object that represents a normal journal entry
31StockTaking object
33Contacts object
36CreditCards object
37Currencies object
40PaymentTermsTypes object
42BankPages object
43Manufacturers object
46Payments object that represents payments to vendors
48LandedCostsCodes object
49ShippingTypes object
50LengthMeasures object
51WeightMeasures object
52ItemGroups object
53SalesPersons object
56CustomsGroups object
57ChecksforPayment object
59Documents object for entering general items to inventory
60Documents object for removing general items from inventory
64Warehouses object
65CommissionGroups object
66ProductTrees object
67StockTransfer object
68WorkOrders object
70CreditPaymentMethods object
71CreditCardPayments object
73AlternateCatNum object
77Budget object
78BudgetDistribution object
81Messages object
91BudgetScenarios object
97SalesOpportunities object
93UserDefaultGroups object
101SalesStages object
103ActivityTypes object
104ActivityLocations object
112Documents object that represents a draft document (see Creating a draft document sample)
116DeductionTaxHierarchies object
117DeductionTaxGroups object
125AdditionalExpenses object
126SalesTaxAuthorities object
127SalesTaxAuthoritiesTypes object
128SalesTaxCodes object
134QueryCategories object
138FactoringIndicators object
140Payments object
142AccountSegmentations object
143AccountSegmentationCategories object
144WarehouseLocations object
145Forms1099 object
146InventoryCycles object
147WizardPaymentMethods object
150BPPriorities object
151DunningLetters object
152UserFieldsMD object
153UserTablesMD object
156PickLists object
158PaymentRunExport object
160UserQueries object
162MaterialRevaluation object
163Documents object that represents a purchase invoice correction document
164Documents object that represents a reverse purchase invoice correction document
165Documents object that represents a correction invoice document
166Documents object that represents a reverse invoice correction document
170ContractTemplates object
171EmployeesInfo object
176CustomerEquipmentCards object
178WithholdingTaxCodes object
182BillOfExchangeTransaction object
189KnowledgeBaseSolutions object
190ServiceContracts object
191ServiceCalls object
193UserKeysMD object
194Queue object
198SalesForecast object
200Territories object
201Industries object
202ProductionOrders object
205PackagesTypes object
206UserObjectsMD object
211Teams object
212Relationships object
214UserPermissionTree object
217ActivityStatus object
218ChooseFromList object
219FormattedSearches object
221Attachments2 object
223UserLanguages object
224MultiLanguageTranslations object
229DynamicSystemStrings object
231HouseBankAccounts object
247BusinessPlaces object
250LocalEra object
280Sales tax invoice object (see TaxInvoices object and DocType property with the valid value botit_Invoice)
281Purchase tax invoice object (see TaxInvoices object and DocType property with the valid value botit_Payment)
300Recordset object
305SBObob object
260NotaFiscalUsage object
258NotaFiscalCFOP object
259NotaFiscalCST object
261ClosingDateProcedure object
10BusinessPartnerGroups object
278BPFiscalRegistryID object
203Documents object that represents a down payments document
204Documents object that represents a purchase down payments document
1179StockTransfer draft object
540000006Documents object that represents a purchase quotation document

Form Types

Form TypeDescription
7Drag & Relate
10Query Wizard
19EU Sales Report -Selection Criteria
20Define and Update Serial Numbers – Selection Criteria
21Define and Update Serial Numbers
22Serial Number Transactions Report – Selection Criteria
23Serial Number Transactions Report
25Serial Numbers – Selection Criteria
26Serial Number Completion
27Serial Number Completion – Selection Criteria
31Manage User Fields
39Document Journal
40Batch No. for Receipt – Selection Criteria
41Define and Update Batch Numbers
42Batch Number – Selection Criteria
43Batch Number Completion
44Batch Number Completion
45Batch Number Transactions Report
46Batch Number Transactions Report – Selection Criteria
47Tax Report
48EU Sales Report
50Define Sales Tax Jurisdictions – Selection Criteria
51Define Sales Tax Codes
53Tax Report – Selection Criteria
62Define Warehouses
63Define Item Groups
64Define Account Segmentation
65Purchase Order Confirmation
66Define %s Segment Codes
67Define Inventory Cycles
71Tax Report – Selection Criteria
72Tax Report
75Reverse Transactions
76Tax Jurisdiction
80Release List – Selection Criteria
81Release List
83Link Invoices to Payments – Selection Criteria
84Link Invoices to Payments
85Pick List
90Inactive Items
91Inactive Items – Selection Criteria
92Inactive Customers – Selection Criteria
93Inactive Customers
96Last Prices Report
120Trial Balance
133A/R Invoice
134Business Partner Master Data
136Company Details
137Correction Invoice
138General Settings
141A/P Invoice
142Purchase Order
143Goods Receipt PO
146Payment Means
148Define Currencies
150Item Master Data
152Open Items List
154Inventory Status
155Price Lists
157Price List
161TransactionJournal Report
165Balance Sheet – Selection Criteria
166Trial Balance – Selection Criteria
168G/L Accounts Opening Balance
169Command Centre
170Incoming Payments
171Cycle Count Recommendations
172Document Numbering
174Define Customer Groups
177Define Payment Terms
179A/R Credit Memo
181A/P Credit Memo
182Goods Returns
183Print Preferences
184Document Printing – Selection Criteria
188Send Message
189Test Report Balance Settings
190Save as Distribution List
194Execute Commands
202Alerts Management
210Save Report
228Document Settings
229Journal Vouchers
239Gross Profit of Order
240Gross Profit of Delivery
241Gross Profit of Outgoing Invoice
245Trial Balance Budget Report – Selection Criteria
247Define Vendor Groups
251Define Formatted Search
260Balance Sheet Budget Report – Selection Criteria
265Balance Sheet Comparison – Selection Criteria
267Profit and Loss Statement Comparison – Selection Criteria
280Trial Balance Comparison – Selection Criteria
285Show History
290Price List Item Details
291Define Hierarchies for Price List
296Organize User Menu
305Dynamic Opportunity Analysis
307Opportunity Analysis – Selection Criteria
309Opportunities Pipeline
313Opportunities Won
314Opportunity List
315Opportunities Won – Selection Criteria
319Stage Analysis – Selection Criteria
320Sales Opportunity
333Special Prices – Item Details
335Special Prices – Hierarchies
336Copy Special Prices to Selection Criteria
339Update Special Prices Globally
350G/L Account Determination
352Define Sales Stages
369Exchange Rate Differences
370Exchange Rate Differences – Selection Criteria
371Conversion Differences
372Conversion Differences – Selection Criteria
385Process External Bank Statement
386Reconciliation – Selection Criteria
388Manage Previous Reconciliations – Selection Criteria
389Manage Previous Reconciliations
390Journal Entry
392Journal Entry
401Tax Reporting
402Advances on Corporate Income Tax on Sales Report
403Tax Report Detailed by Months
411Period-End Closing – Selection Criteria
419Define Address Formats
420Profit and Loss Statement – Selection Criteria
421Profit and Loss Statement Budget Report – Selection Criteria
422Define Business Partner Properties
424Define Credit Cards
426Payments to Vendors
429Define Item Properties
430Business Partners Opening Balance
435Define Credit Card Payment Methods
436Define Credit Card Payment
437Credit Card Management
440Credit Card Management – Selection Criteria
441Define Budget Distribution Methods
443Define Budget
444Define Budget
446Budget Report – Selection Criteria
447Budget Report
448Restore Budget Balances
452Budget Scenarios
453Import Budget Scenarios
501General Ledger
502Transaction Report by Projects – Selection Criteria
504Payment Wizard
505Define Payment Methods
510Vendor Withholding Tax – Selection Criteria
515Withholding Tax Report
520Check Document Numbering
521Create/Edit Categories
530Documents serial numbering list
540Item Query
550Inventory Posting List – Selection Criteria
600Items List – Selection Criteria
601Items List
603Check Fund – Selection Criteria
604General Ledger – Selection Criteria
607Check Fund
609Document Journal – Selection Criteria
612Postdated Check Deposit
614Postdated Credit Voucher Deposit
636Posting Period
640Define Hierarchies and Expansions
651Contacts with Business Partners
653Define Cash Discount
655Payment Drafts Report
664Define Commission Groups
666Define Sales Employees
668Special Prices for Business Partners
670Recurring Postings
672Define Bill of Materials
673Open Work Orders Report
674Bill of Materials Report – Selection Criteria
675Production Recommendations
677Work Order
679Bill of Materials Report
680Confirmation for recurring postings
681Cycle Count Recommendations – Selection Criteria
682Restore Item Balances
689Inventory Status – Selection Criteria
703Financial Report Template – Expansion
704Financial Report Templates
705Define Banks
706Financial Report Template
708Formula for Profit and Loss Template
710Define Transaction Codes
711Define Projects
712Define %s Rates
713Define Sales Tax Jurisdiction Types
720Goods Issue
721Goods Receipt
733Define Sales Stages
735Define Partners
736Define Competitors
750Edit Chart of Accounts
751Edit Chart of Accounts
752Transaction Journal Report – Selection Criteria
753Account Code Generator
771Inventory in Warehouse Report
772Inventory in Warehouse Report – Selection Criteria
776Define Locations
779Define 1099 Table
800Posting Templates
804Chart of Accounts
806Chart of Accounts
810Define Profit Centers
811Define Distribution Rules
812Table of Profit Centers and Distribution Rules
819Profit Center – Report – Selection Criteria
820Choose Company
823Profit Center – Report
840Inventory Tracking
841Check and Restore Former Reconciliations
850Checks for Payment Drafts
852Define Users
854Checks for Payment
855G/L Accounts and Business Partners
856Voiding Checks for Payment
857Sales Analysis Report – Selection Criteria
858Voiding Checks for Payment
864Restore G/L Account and Business Partner Balances
865Define Indexes
866Define foreign currency exchange rates
870Purchase Analysis – Selection Criteria
876Define Interest Rates
878Define Credit Vendors
892G/L Accounts and Business Partners – Selection Criteria
893Define Length and Width UoM
894Define Weight UoM
895Define Tax Groups
896Define Customs Groups
897Define Manufacturers
898Define Landed Costs
899Define Shipping Types
900Inventory Valuation – Selection Criteria
901Inventory Valuation Report
902Update After Inventory
906Entering stock balance sheet
907Beginning Quantities and Cycle Counting
916Year Transfer
922Business Partners Opening Balance – Selection Criteria
923G/L Accounts Opening Balance – Selection Criteria
940Stock Transfer
941Define Countries
953Automatic Summary Wizard
958Define Discount Groups
959Search Results
960Cash Flow – Selection Criteria
961Cash Flow
962Customer Receivables Aging – Selection Criteria
963Vendor Liabilities Aging – Selection Criteria
964Customer Receivables Aging
965Vendor Liabilities Aging
969Restore Wizard
971Restore Open Check Balances
975Contact Overview – Selection Criteria
976Contact Overview
977Data Migration Packages
980Choose language
981Create new language
992Landed Costs
993Define Business Partner Catalog Numbers
994Global Update to Business Partner Catalog Numbers
1011Sales Journal
1012Cash Report
1020Tax Report – Purchasing Preferences
1021Tax Report
3001Document Drafts – Selection Criteria
3002Document Drafts
39001099 Editing – Selection Criteria
39011099 Editing
39041099 Report – Selection Criteria
39051099 Report
39061099 Detailed Report per Vendor
39071099 Opening Balance – Selection Criteria
39081099 Opening Balance
3910Define Late Payments Fees
4666User Reports
5003Update Control Report
8001Define Business Partner Priorities
8002Define Dunning Levels
8004Define Payment Blocks
8008Define Service Call Statuses
8018Define Doubtful Receivables
20209Sales Analysis for Customer
20210Sales Analysis for Customer
20221Purchases Analysis for Vendors
20232Sales Analysis Report by Customer (Detailed)
20240Sales Analysis Report by Item (Detailed)
20251Purchase Analysis Rep. by Vendor (Detailed)
20259Purchase Analysis Rep. by Vendor (Detailed)
20302Delivery Notes – Selection Criteria
20303Delivery Summary Report – Selection Criteria
20306Invoices Summary Report – Selection Criteria
20307Export general data file
20311Define Retail Stores
20320Interest Calculation Report – Selection Criteria
20321Interest Report
20330Payments to Vendors
20331Unapproved Payments to Vendors Report
20450Credit Card Summary – Selection Criteria
20451Credit Card Summary
20700Define Users
20702Define Payment Run Defaults
40014Define Alternative Items
50101Define Approval Stages
50102Define Approval Templates
50104Approval Status Report – Selection Criteria
50105Approval Status Report
50107Approval Decision Report – Selection Criteria
50108Approval Decision Report
60000Machine ID
60002Connected Users
60003License Removal
60050Bill of Exchange Managment
60051Bill of Exchange Managment
60052Bill of Exchange Transactions
60053Bill of Exchange – Receivables
60056Bill of Exchange – Payables
60090A/R Invoice
60091A/R Reserve Invoice
60092A/P Reserve Invoice
60100Employee Master Data
60105Employee / Phone Book Report – Selection Criteria
60106Employees List
60107Phone Book
60109Employees Absence Report
60110Service Call
60120Knowledge Base Solution
60125Contract Templates
60126Service Contract
60130Service Calls Report – Selection Criteria
60131Service Calls
60133Service Monitor
60135Service Contracts Report – Selection Criteria
60136Service Contracts
60138Average Closure Time
60139Average Closure Time Report – Selection Criteria
60140My Open Service Calls
60141My Service Calls
60142My Overdue Service Calls
60150Customer Equipment Card
60151Customer Equipment Report – Selection Criteria
60152Customer Equipment Report
60265Balance Sheet Comparison – Selection Criteria
60300Tax Report – Selection Criteria
60301Withholding Tax Report – Selection Criteria
60350Tax Summary Report
60410Period-End Closing – Selection Criteria
60414Period-End Closing
60501Bill of Exchange Fund
60502Bill of Exchange Fund – Selection Criteria
60555Document Journal
65000WT Mode
65011347 Report
65014349 Report
65015Define Withholding Tax Codes

Update Parent Item Prices – Selection Criteria

Thanks & Regards,

Bowya S S

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