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Once you done SAP B1 2007 A PL47 upgraded to 9.1 PL11, you'd better review several setting as below, these are new functions compared to SAP B1 2007, too.;

  1. Company Details - Basic initialization
    you may enable Fixed Assets, Multiple Branches, and Advanced G/L Account Determination as need.
    p.s. Fixed Assets and Crystal Report are not addon anymore !!

  2. Menu Structure
    You may add Crystal Report modules here.
    Tips: And then using 'Report and Layout Manager' function to import your Crystal Report one by one into respective Report modules you setup.

  3. Document Settings - General
    Tick 'Display Canceled and Cancelation Marketing Documents in Reports' and you have to setup "Max No. of days for canceling marketing Documents". otherwise, your user can't get reopened documents.
    p.s.this is new function feature, you may reopen SO, Delivery, Invoice etc but these documents must be created in new version of SAP B1 but not 2007!

  4. Authorization Groups
    You may setup different groups per your company organization chart, and then assign authorization per group easily. you may also specify users in the same group with different authorizatio later then.

  5. Inventory Counting
    It's split to 2 functions instead of.  Firstly run "Inventory Counting" and then "Inventory Posting" function.
    Tips: you'd need to firstly setup per Posting date or count date and time under 'Document Settings - Per Document - inventory posting' - Calculate In-Whse Qty on CountDate Based On Transactions Creation Dates or Posting Dates!!  Then system will mapping ending balance per date setting (either Backdate or current date)!!

  6. General Setting - Font & Bkgd
    Font as Tahoma and Font size as 11.
    Tips: Under General Setting - Display', setting Skip Style as 'Golden Thread or else,  Color as 'Classic' or else.
    Also run"User Defaults" function to have advanced setting for each user or user groups, You may setup SAP background as 'Turquoise' or else...etc.
  7. General Setting - Path
    you have to reset the ducument folders if you changed servers during upgrade!!
  8. General Setting - Hide Functions
    You may hide unused modules such as Serial Numbers and Batches, Budget, Units of measure...etc.
  9. General Setting - Cockpit
    You may enable cockpit; but skip 'Enable SAP Crystal Dashboards' (due to not SAP Hana...).

Then go ahead to setup Common Functions as mandatory. This will help users to quickly tick the functions and reports they often use.    Tips:

  • Using Tools \ Cockpit Management,  you may add Name including ARs, APs, Banks, Inventory etc., depends on your company job functions/group.
  • Then, setup 'common function', drag related functions and reports into each group Sales, Service, ...ARs, APs, . even Administration.
  • Finally publish all cockpits for users, but excluded Administration if you have.

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