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1.  Introduction to SAP Asset Manager

2.  Difference between SAP WM & SAM

3.  Major Components used in SAM

4.  What is SAP MDK

5.  Why SAP MDK

6.  How SAP MDK Works

7.  Platform uses in SAP MDK

8.  Environment uses to develop SAP MDK



SAP Asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager is a mobile native iOS and Android application that  supports maintenance technicians to perform their job with complex information and business logic that is always available, even in offline environments.



 Difference between SAP Work Manager & SAP Asset Manager



Components uses in SAM

Mobile Development Kit developer prefer Cloud Foundry environment to develop application.

Below are the components.

1. MDK Editor (SAP Business Studio)

2. SAP BTP Mobile Services

3. MDK Client

4. Backend



What is SAP MDK

It is abbreviated form of Mobile Development Kit. The Mobile Development Kit for SAP BTP Mobile Services is a metadata-based application development platform.

The Mobile Development Kit (MDK) for customize, deploy, and manage your customized iOS and Android apps on the cloud platform. MDK allows business process experts to customize the app in a cloud-based editor using the SAP Web IDE & SAP Business Studio.




SAP MDK is easy and less time consuming because there is functionality available to drag and drop, We no need to write much code. SAP Asset Manager manages work orders, notifications, condition monitoring, material consumption, time management, and failure analysis.

The Mobile Development Kit provides a runtime and full customization framework for SAP Asset Manager. Users can easily customize SAP Asset Manager by adding and editing actions, business logic, screens, and styling.

The Mobile Development Kit lets you customize, deploy, and manage SAP Asset Manager in the cloud.



How SAP MDK Works



Platform uses in SAP MDK  (On-premise & Cloud)

On-premise software is installed locally, on your business' computers and servers,

Cloud software is hosted on the vendor's server and accessed via a web browser.



Environment uses to develop SAP MDK

MDK App can be develop in Neo & Cloud Foundry environment.




In this blog post we learned about SAP Asset Manager, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Mobile Development Kit & Environments use to develop Mobile Development Kit Applications etc.