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Ever since SAP announced they were acquiring SuccessFactors there has been a lot of interest in the marketplace on the impacts to customer, partners and consultants.  It appears that due to the timing of the deal that SAP will use Sapphire in Orlando to provide the bulk of their update it hasn’t stopped a group of SAP Mentors and industry experts from providing their insights. Over the past week the following video and podcasts have been released.

Assessing the SAP - SuccessFactors Acquisition: SAP Mentors Roundtable

In this video four SAP mentors including Jon Reed, Vijay Vijayasankar, Dick Hirsch, and Jarret Pazahanick discuss the SAP and SuccessFactors Roadmap, Impacts to HCM Customers, Cloud Strategy, HANA, Mobility, Streamwork/Jam, Lars Dalgaard and company culture.

The podcast version is also available on iTunes if you want to listen in another format.

The State of Talent Management in SAP HCM and the Impact of SuccessFactors

In this podcast, Steve Bogner and Martin Gillet have a conversation with Thomas Otter, Research VP at Gartner, about the state of Talent Management in SAP HCM and the impact of SuccessFactors on SAP.

The podcast can be accessed here or via iTunes

SAP and SuccessFactors HCM Roadmap

In this podcast there is a discussion on the SAP and SuccessFactors HCM Roadmap with special guest Amy Thistle, conference producer for HR 2012. As we discuss the roadmap, Amy informs us on how HR 2012 is addressing the topics. The roadmap addressed many topics well, at a high level. We still have a number of questions and concerns about the details and how they will impact clients.

The podcast can be accessed here or via iTunes

HR 2012 Keynote with SAP HCM Vice President David Ludlow

In this podcast we spoke with David Ludlow, Group Vice President of SAP HCM Solutions, just after his keynote at the HR 2012 conference in Las Vegas. In the keynote, David explained SAP's direction on SuccessFactors and Mobility among other topics.

The podcast can be accessed here or via iTunes

There is no doubt this will be an eventual year as SAP and SuccessFactors make many crucial decisions that have long term ramifications for customers, partners and consultants.  Recently I wrote an article titled The Future of SAP HCM Consulting and SuccessFactors which discusses the impact for consultants and partners and I plan to follow up after Sapphire with more details and insights on the impact for customers as it is currently too early in the process. If you want to stay current on all the major developments as they unfold I would recommend joining the SAP and SuccessFactors Linkedin group.

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