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Every ABAPER knows version management. Through Version Management you can compare the code between two system generally Dev with Prod etc


What happened in S/4 and Some Latest ECC version?



We have 2 new Buttons

  1. Fetch Remote Version

  2. Search



Fetch Remote Version button can Fetch the remote version directly from the QA or Prod or Probably a mirror image system where we do Existing Production(ECC) work and S/4 HANA work you do here.

One thing I love was Search button in Toolbar. Please hit Search

Here is the version where it finds this keyword it can be anything. Here it is a CDS View

Another new button is the Adjacent Compare version  which can be handy. By clicking it checks with previous version

Here is the Result.




This can be used in SAP S/4HANA and ERP 6.0 EHP7 on 7.40 upgrading from SP05 to SP20.



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