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This blog post is helpful for how to run the MRP for our required storage location while creating sales order’s with the reference of MRP area assignment.

In S/4 HANA, MRP-4 view MRP storage location indicator field is not available, so we cannot select the material wise storage selection for MRP run.

This case if we are trying to run MRP using MD01N, system will pick the plant level storage location automatically, So we have other option and we can go with the Reference of MRP area selection to run the MRP for our required storage location wise using MD02.


 Need to do configuration for sales order picking required storage location at the time of shipping from SD module and need to do configruation for MRP area to run the MRP from PP module.

Please follow the below step by steps process:

  1. Create require storage location for picking and MRP run using OVL3 t.code.

2. Create MRP area for required storage location use Area type as 02 in OMIZ or SPRO path.

3. Assign MRP area stroage location for particular plant.

4. Create sales order for required quantity.

5. Double click the line item and select the shipping tab, here we can see the shipping storage location field, need to enter the require storage location for MRP run for that particular storage location while shipping the stock.

6. In MD04 screen enter without MRP area selection.

7. MD04 screen by default system showing the plant level MRP area stock availability if we are not selecting the MRP area in input screen.

8. MM02 MRP-1 view we can see the MRP area tab, select the MRP area tab to create the  required MRP area storage location.

9. In MRP area field assign the required storage location.

10. Select the MRP area storage location.

11.After selected the MRP area, just double click on the MRP area, there we can see the internal MRP views, Click MRP-1 view then maintain required data as per the business.


12.After maintained relevant data, then select MRP-2 view for maintain the required storage location which is related to MRP area.

13.  After maintained the relevant data, then click the Check and Adopt button for assign the MRP area.


14. After maintained the correct master data, then run MRP using with reference of MRP area as an input in MD02.


15.In MD04 screen enter MRP area as an input to check the stock and its details for 2100 storage location.

16. MD04 screen we can see the stock availability of 2100 storage location and its details.

Same process we can use for demand management, In MD61 screen we can give the input of MRP area.

Then run MRP using MD02 with the reference of MRP area.

Further process as same as standard.

Please give further information if i missed anything.



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