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Hello Friends,

I would like to share with you this document regarding sailing schedule.

Purpose: The SAP system should take average transportation days from warehouse to deliver to each XYZ customer. As per Client business requirement, User needs to correct SAP shipping schedule to show the correct transit days instead of the current incorrect shipping schedule based off of day of week.

To over come this, we need to implement the transit duration and eliminating the sailing schedule.

Example:The Current business requirements are explain with the help of  below example:

If XYZ Customer places an order for delivery on Sunday 04/26; SAP would calculate that Planned GI, Pick Date, Loading Date and TransptnPlanng would all occur on 04/21 (5 days prior include weekends days) .

To over come this , the customization has been done with all SAP STANDARD functionality no custom setup is required for this.

The All SAP STANDARD functionality includes such as:

  • Configuration of Routes.
  • Configuration of Transportation Zone.
  • Configuration of Calendar.
  • Assignment of all above setup with each other.
  • Remove the master data from Route Schedule.

Configure Routes :

Configure Transportation zone:

Configure new Calendar:

Assignment for Route Determination:

This completes configuration.....


As transit duration for this customer is maintained as 3 Days. So system calculate the days on route which is maintained under transportation zone. In this case CRD i.e. Customer request delivery date is 04.16.2015. As system is performing Forward scheduling for this.

This completes results part.

Hoping that all of you would like this..

Welcome for any suggestion!!!


Kundan Vishwakarma

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