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This is continuation document of below change series related to S/4HANA Finance 1605

S4HANA Finance 1605 – Change Series – Part 1 – Multiple currencies in Universal Journal

S4HANA Finance 1605 – Change Series – Part 2 – Transfer Price

S4HANA Finance 1605 – Change Series – Part 3 – COPA Characteristics Derivation in Income statement

In this document, I have tried to highlight the drastic changes in Central Finance which were lacking in last release.

Below are few changes that I have notice which will make difference for the customers

1. Replication of Clearing, Document change and change to cost object

     a. Clearing replication

          i. Please check OSS 2292043 for restrictions of replications

          ii. With this functionality, we can have centralize shared services for Dispute mgmt., collection mgmt., Invoicing, credit mgmt. and other AP/AP business processes.

          iii. Below are new Fiori apps available because of clearing replication

               1. Cash Manager

                    a. Cash Flow Analysis

                    b. Liquidity Forecast (Based on AR/AP)

               2. AR/AP Accountant

                    a. Display Vendor Balances

                    b. Display Customer Balances

               3. AR/AP Manager

                    a. Future Payables

                    b. Aging Analysis

                    c. Dunning Level Distribution

                    d. Days Beyond Terms

                    e. Future Receivables

                    f. Overdue Receivables

                    g. Total Receivables

                    h. Days Payables Outstanding

                    i. Vendor Payment Analysis (Open Payments)

                    j. Vendor Payment Analysis (Manual and Automatic Payments)

     b. Document changes – which will give final report in Central system. No need to set any custom ALE or have a report from Source system.      c. Cost Object mapping

          i. Mapping of cost object is updated and detail changes can be find in OSS 2180924

          ii. Check OSS 2308365 for More details of Cost Object Change Replication

2. Improvement in Error Handing (AIF), performance

     a. Error handling

          i. New tool- AIF (Application Interface Framework) is introduced

          ii. With AIF, now we have error handling for FI & CO document replication, Cost object replication, initial load of cost object and CO internal postings.For FI initial load there is a separate error monitor.

          iii. Role based error assignment, email Notification, alert, pop-up, etc.

          iv. You can have your own description for the error standard field.

          v. You can assign a message to a t code so you can directly navigate to same

          vi. Separate License, but it’s free with Central Finance.

          vii. There is emergency correction mode with special authorization, to overlook an error with log.

     b. Performance improvement

          i. Performance improvement is provided with a note changes, please refer below OSS for detail information

               1. 2291942 - Central Finance: AIF Bulk Processing

               2. 2154420 - SAP LT Replication Server for SAP Central Finance

3. New Tool for initial load

     a. Correct Cost Object Mapping

     b. Delete Cost Object Mapping

     c. Initial Load FI

          i. Simulation tool in IMG

          ii. Initial Load by company code

          iii. Aggregated Massage monitor (RFINS_CFIN_DISPLAY_LOG

     d. Initial Load CO (Internal posting and Cost Object)

          i. Simulation tool

          ii. Smoke test tool for test replication

I am still testing the new functionalities to get the best possible use case to match with the client's requirements. I will keep updating the documents, please let me know if you need any further information on any point.


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