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I am trying to write first document for S/4 HANA Finance 1605 with the excitement that we have the functionality for which we were waiting eagerly.

Please forgive and let me know if you find any point very short.

1. Multiple currencies in Universal Journal

a. Now we have 10 currencies (Instead of 3 in FI, 2 in CO and 3 in ML)

     i. 2 Fix Currencies

          1. Local (10) – HSL

          2. Global (30) – KSL  - it will be always controlling area currency

     ii. 8 Freely Defined Currencies

          1. OSL, VSL, BSL, CSL, DSL, ESL, FSL, GSL

b. Custom currency type

     i. We can maintenance level for currency type - global or company code specific

          1. Company code wise setting

               a. If you want to have separate source currency, exchange rate type, translation type and real time currency conversion.

               b. You can assign a currency for freely defined currency

     ii. We can define custom currency types and assign currency to the same

     iii. Code for the custom currency type has to be Y* or Z*

c. The freely defined currency do not depend on the leading ledger currencies

d. We have real time currency conversion option for the freely defined currencies by which zero balance per document will be maintained

e. There is limitation for the currency type assign for ML – ML currency type can be assign to 4 currency fields – HSL, KSL, OSL and VSL

f. For BSEG, we still have to identify the parallel currency (which is same as we define in T001A in ECC) which we can choose from the rest 9 currencies.

g. Clearing-Like Logic

     i. For few processes (e.g. Open item, allocation…) to have real time conversion, we have to access historical data. As this not available, it is not accessing historical exchange rates and posting zero balance document per currency type using currency exchange rate

     ii. I am still exploring the implication of the changes and work around, should update soon.

These are the changes and usage I find, please reply your comments with additional changes and usage related to currency change.

Please find below further Change Documents:

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I am still testing the new functionalities to get the best possible ways to match the clients requirements. I will keep updating the documents.

Thanks .