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Transaction Code - LTMC

Feature - Data Migration Cockpit

S4H Option - On-Premise

When invoking the S4HANA Data Migration Cockpit the 403-Forbidden Error is a common occurrence. The error description usually also accompanies message "Service Cannot be reached" as shown in image below (Fig1).



This error is quiet common when the services corresponding to the DM Cockpit Data Migration are not activated in the system.


Below are the steps to identifying the correct service and activating it in S4H in order to ensure that this error is resolved.


Step 1 - Identify the service that needs to be activated

The service that needs to be activated is usually on the address string of the web-page with the 403-Forbidden error. This also has a general direction of which service path to navigate through in the Sap system in order to activate it.

For our case the the Service to be activated is DMC_WDA as shown in Fig 2



From the figure above you can see that the service is DMC_WDA and also the path for the same is also visible "sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/dmc_wda"

This service needs to be activated in the S4H client / system where the LTMC transaction code is being executed to start he Data Migration Cockpit.


Step 2 - Locate the Service

Transaction Code - SICF

Run the transaction code SICF in the client system where you are experiencing the error with the Data Migration Cockpit (LTMC). Locate the path  sap -> bc -> webdynpro -> sap -> DMC_WDA as shown in Fig 3 below

The Service hierarchy is a lengthy list. So it is essential to be patient to look for the right service.

The service path for our DMC_WDA is also shown in the URL on the migration cockpit web page that failed with the error as shown in Fig 2. So you can copy and paste that text instead of having to search through the entire hierarchy as shown in Fig 4 below.

The Service Path text is "/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA/"


Step 3 - Check if the Service is Active or Inactive 

The service if not active will show as inactive when you hover your house over the service as shown below in Fig 5. In some cases the service might be active.


Step 4: Activate the Service 


If the Service is Active, right click on the service DMC_WDA and choose Activate as show in Fig 6 below.



This will open the confirmation dialog box as shown in Fig 7 below. Make sure that the option "Yes with a tree icon" is chosen so that DMC_WDA service with all its subservices are activated.


The help text for Activation of the ICF Services is also displayed in Fig 7. Do make sure that only authorised users are allowed to access the service. Basis will need to be aware of the process and security to restrict access to such services so that the system overall performance is not affected.


Step 5: Re-Run LTMC transaction

Once the service is activated, run the transaction code LTMC. Usually there is no need to logout and login to the system before re-running the LTMC transaction. If however, the Data Migration Cockpit does not load, logout and login again to try the same transaction LTMC.

If the service is activated and authorisations are all set properly, then the LTMC transaction should the load the Data Migration cockpit as shown below in Fig 8.



When the DMC_WDA service is already active, Deactivate first and then Activate the service again.


Note that the error 403 FORBIDDEN - SERVICE CANNOT BE REACHED described so far pertains to starting the Data Migration Cockpit in S4HANA.


403 FORBIDDEN - SERVICE CANNOT BE REACHED also occurs when trying to perform migration activity within the migration cockpit. This is because there is a further service that needs to be activated for ensuring that the actual process of activating a migration object within a Migration project is possible. The service is defined as the "Guided Activity for Migration Object" as shown in Fig 9 below.



The Service path is  /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA_GAF/

This service is required to be active in order to actually activate a Migration Object within a Migration project for performing data migration.


In essence, there are three services that would be useful for the use of Data Migration Cockpit in S4HANA. These are listed below


/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA - Migrate Your Data

/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA_GAF/ - Guided Activity for Migration Object.

/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA_APP - Data migration.


It is best to contact your basis team to have all these three services activated at the same time.

The Blog is based on the error and fix for an On-Premise edition of the S4HANA implementation.


All feedback welcome.
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