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S4 HANA FINANCE – understanding new dimensions of Financial Reporting.

S4 HANA FINANCE provides a rich experience in reporting. The new architecture is a quantum leap for reporting structure. Real time and flexibility are the core values that are delivers. With minimal skill upgrade and efforts one could achieve unthinkable reporting potential.

I intend to start this blog introducing new / enhanced transaction codes that provide exhaustive functionality utilizing numerous additional fields from the ACDOCA table. I am excited and fascinated to explore the potential of S4HANA and HANA Studio but we will get there step by step and build some financial reports together.

There is a complete list of t-codes and programs that are impacted after migrating to S4 HANA Finance. Most important that we focused on were as below:

Description Current t-code New t-code
Vendor Line Item Browser FBL1N FBL1H
G/L Account Line Item Browser FBL3N FBL3H
Customer Line Item Browser FBL5N FBL5H
G/L Account Line Item Browser (G/L View) FAGLL03 FAGLL03H
Foreign Currency Valuation FAGL_FC_VAL FAGL_FCV
Display Actual Line Items for Cost Centers KSB1 KSB1N
Variance Calculation KKS1 KKS1H
Actual Settlement: Production/ Process Orders CO88 CO88H
Calculate Work in Process: Collective Processing KKAO KKAOH
Mass Schedule Maintenance Plans IP30 IP30H
House Banks
Depreciation Run AFAB AFAB
* t-code remains same, options changed
Create asset transaction AB01 AB01L
Unplanned Depreciation ABAA ABAAL
Asset Sales Without Customer ABAO ABAOL
Asset Retirement By Scrapping ABAV ABAVL
Manual Depreciation ABMA ABMAL
Miscellaneous Transactions ABSO ABSOL
Transfer From Initial Screen ABUM ABUML
Acquisition From In-House Production ABZE ABZEL
Asset Acquisition Autom. Offset.Posting ABZO ABZON
Acquisition From Affiliated Company ABZP ABZPL


Let us start with the most commonly used t-code FAGLL03H - G/L Account Line Item Browser (G/L View) that could set up a theme and most of the rest new t-codes become more intuitive to understand.

Please note that the old t-code FAGLL03 still works. The h-version FAGLL03H is optimized for HANA and also provides very interesting and useful, additional features for reporting and analyzing the reports.

The line item browser displays the line items that have been posted in General Ledger Accounting, and also the line items that have arisen through document splitting. The new t-code provides selection from hundreds of fields like COPA, Material Master, Customer. The new t-code also provides additional functionality as on the fly aggregates and pivot model on top of transactions detail. The output is more structured and easy to use.

Run t-code FAGLL03H

Dynamic Selection

With Change Layout Option several fields that were not available earlier could be added and saved as a new Layout.


Click on the the Arrow  to expand other functions.

Select line you want to get the line item report. Click on right bottom corner of button   and select ‘Call Line Item Report’ from the pull down menu.

G/L Account Line Item Display

Green Arrow Back to go back to G/L Account Line Item Browser

In the next blog we will chose some fields in the Dynamic selection and try running reports that needed customization while using old t-code FAGLL03.

Stat tuned...
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