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What is SAP S/4HANA stock room management? (June 2019)

Stock room management is a specific offering for installed base customers to continue running their light warehouse management implementation in the context of SAP S/4HANA beyond 2025. License is included in S/4HANA Enterprise Management component.

The main reason for creating the offering named Stock Room Management is to give existing customers of LE-WM an opportunity to keep these warehouses untouched that do not benefit immediately from moving to embedded EWM.

Stock room management is basically the ECC warehouse management component (LE-WM) without capabilities supporting more complex warehouses. Relevant for small warehouses with manual operations (i.e. storage bin management).

Functionalities of LE-WM that are not part of stock room management are:

  • Task & Resource Management (WM-TRM)

  • Warehouse Control Unit interface (WM-LSR)

  • Value Added Service (WM-VAS)

  • Yard Management (WM-YM)

  • Cross-Docking (WM-CD)

  • Wave Management (WM-TFM-CP)

  • Decentral WM (WM-DWM)

There are no innovations planned here and EWM remains the strategic product. Components that are part of the compatibility scope (not stock room management!) must not be used anymore beyond 2025!

2269324 - Compatibility Scope Matrix for SAP S/4HANA on-premise

Best Practices for S/4HANA EWM can be found in this SAP Note:

1606493 - SAP EWM Deployment Options Best Practices

Hint: different storage locations of the same plant can have different warehouse scenarios, this is how you easily can move to EWM step-by-step in a later project, for instance.

New features of embedded EWM in S/4 HANA1809 Release are described in this blog:


Historical background

As many of us already know in S/4HANA LE-WM ist not supported beyond 2025 and the recommendation was to migrate to EWM. Unfortunately there are no migration tools that can do the job. Hence this ended up in some projects in a lot of effort to introduce EWM (with all its potential features) for customers that only needed the "minimal" functionality.

Details could be read in the SAP Note (maybe an update is following soon):

2577428 - Road map for LE-WM in SAP S/4HANA

When? First shipment is planned in SAP S/4HANA 1909.

UPDATE (Sept. 2019): Key Features as of Release S/4HANA 1909 are described here (see Chapter Stock Room Management):


UPDATE (March 2020): FAQ - Stock Room Management


UPDATE (June 2020): Scope Compliance Check for Stock Room Management


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