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Predicative Material and Resource Planning is the new innovation from the S/4HANA application for Cloud and On-promise versions.

The objective of this innovation to identify material availability and resource capacity situations to plan and execute the production process. The early-stage detection of material and capacity constraints will help the planner to make the right decisions to fulfill the customer requirements.

Predictive Material and Resource Planning (pMRP) enables you to create, schedule, and evaluate pMRP simulations that support you in taking informed decisions for your production planning.

You can create and schedule pMRP simulations with your top-level demands and resource constraints. During the simulation creation, the system creates simplified data, based on your forecasted product demand and master data for material- and resource-planning, which is used as reference data in pMRP.

After the creation, you can process and evaluate your simulation. It´s ensured that the number of capacity issues and a delivery performance KPI are constantly up-to-date to enable you to compare your simulated changes so you can assess the impact of changes to your simulation.

Finally, after you decide which simulation is best for your production plan, you can take over the resulting component demand and release it to your operational data as planned independent requirements.

Master Data

There is no specific master data to be created for Predictive Material and Resource Planning. Planners can use production planning master data elements.

  • Material Master

  • BOM

  • Work Center

  • Routing

  • Production Version

Transactional Data:

Planned independent requirements to be entered to initiate the pMRP process.

Key Process Steps

  1. Create planned independent requirements

  2. Schedule pMRP simulation creation

  3. Evaluate and process pMRP simulations

  4. Check and (if desired) apply changes to planned independent requirements

SAP Fiori Apps

  1. Process pMRP Capacity Simulations

  2. Process pMRP Simulations

  3. Schedule pMRP Simulation Creation

With this app you can create multiple simulations, check the impact of simulated changes to capacity or demands on the KPIs, and take informed decisions for your production planning.

Business Benefits

  • Simulate MRP runs to evaluate impacts of possible changes to production plans

  • Helps you create optimized production plans by giving the ability to make informed decisions for changes based on the simulations

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