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Hello Friends,

I would like to share this information to all of you, which can really help us to understand the flexibility of OTC in S/4HANA landscape. This new flexibility can help the business and business user to bring more live data, quick response for pre-sales activities and live profitability graph.

With the help of S/4HANA, the goal is to deliver a ready-to-run solution for the business process manager and to increase the profitability of the company’s Order-to-Cash process.

The S/4HANA can provide the details for overall the order-to-cash cycle and its sub functionalities to the higher level of management with the help of FIORI Launchpad.

This fiori Launchpad can display the mandatory information as per the business role wise, which can help the business user and management level to take quick response and to make correct decision with live data.

This will also display you the details in the graphical views, which can be used for higher management levels.

The Order-to-Cash Performance Monitoring Over app will also shows all process performance KPI’s aggregated over the last 28 days. It also use the smart SAP business generic drill down.

Here are the some task, which can be used via this app as follow below:

  • Track delivery blocks or billing blocks.

  • Detect changes made to critical fields of a sales order by the any of the user’s.

  • Monitor Lead times:

    • Order to OBD.

    • OBD to PGI’s.

    • PGI to Billing.



Business User can select any of the app as per the requirement and can use it for its business benefits, which really make the life easier for the end user as well as the management level to fetch the live information.

OTC Sales Process with the help of Fiori Launchpad:

Call App: Create Sales Document.

Fill up the information as per business requirement.

Click on Continue button.

Once you click on continue button, you will get on the above screen where business end user need to updates the required information about the sales order such as Partner details, Item details and so on.

Item details business user can update it as shown in above snap shot and other details will automatically fetch from the customer master itself.

Business User can also be update the shipping instruction notes or any other notes for the business reference.

Business can check the ATP of the respective products more easily instead if dragging into multiple screens.

Save it.

Now to create delivery with order reference or without order reference, business user need to call the following app.

Call App: Create Outbound Delivery with Order Reference.

Fill up the Order #:

Click on Continue button.

Business User can check the details, update the picking quantity, and proceed further.

PGI it and document will save it.

Once the delivery is over, the next step for the OTC cycle is billing.

To create Invoice, business user need to call the below app.

Call App: Create Billing Documents.

Update the OBD #, Check the details and save it.

This complete the OTC cycle with the help of FIORI Launchpad, which really shown how the business can be benefited as well as the business end user can easily work on S/4 HANA landscape.

Document Flow:

Invoice Print Preview (SAP BP-Script):

List of Accounting Document:

Additional Information:

As Sales point of view, you can also use the following app “My Sales Overview” to get more detailed about the sales cycle.

On the basis of your report, you can take quick action on the FIORI Launchpad instead of dragging into transaction code.

Thanks and Regards,

Kundan Vishwakarma
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