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Setting up connectivity between SAP S/4HANA Application and SAP PO application is a complex task with multiple steps to consider. As a BASIS or PO consultant it is important to understand how we can configure a S/4HANA server to interact with SAP PO/PI.

This blog will provide information on how you can configure a S/4HANA system to interact with SAP Process Orchestration (PO) or Process Integration (PI) for different integration scenarios. It is to be noted that this blog applies for Java-only installation of PI/PO or IDOC_AAE adapter as dual stack PI scenarios are no longer recommended by SAP.


Before I start with technical steps, let me take a minute to highlight basic understanding for setting up the communication:

  • S/4HANA server can be configured to send idoc as well as proxy. The configuration explained in this blog will fit both for both of these scenarios

  • PO understands only xml format. So even if you send an idoc from S/4HANA server, it will be translated to xml (idoc-xml) at PO side.

  • PO uses IDoc_AAE adapter to receive IDocs.

Consider a simple example to get us started - an integration scenario where PO is utilizing Integration Logic to connect a system (can be SAP or non-SAP) with S/4HANA application. In this example after applying transformations and mappings, the data is passed to S/4 Business System (BS_S4H_100) via IDoc_AAE adapter . Though we can have many complex scenarios but this simple use case can help you understand the flow in a simple way.

Sample Integration Scenario


Nomenclature for SAP Instances/Entities used in this blog

I will be using below nomenclature SAP instances and entities in this blog:

SID for S/4HANA System - S4H (Client 100)

SID for PO System - PPO

S/4HANA Business System - BS_S4H_100

S/4HANA Technical System - S4HCLNT100

Logical System Name for PO System - LS_PPO

Receiver Port for PO System - RP_PPO

Partner Profile for PO System - PP_PPO



Setting up the communication

For setting up communication between S/4HANA server and SAP PO/PI, you will have to adapt the configuration at three levels:

  • SAP S/4HANA Server



Now let's discuss the configuration to be maintained at each of these levels in detail.


Configuration at S/4HANA Server

To start with the integration, you have to adapt configuration for PO/PI system in your S4/HANA application. Maintain following configuration at S/4HANA application server:

  1. Logical System entry for PO system - maintain entry LS_PPO in BD54

  2. Receiver Port for PO System - maintain entry RP_PPO in WE21

  3. Partner Profile for PO System - maintain entry PP_PPO in WE20

  4. RFC to SLD Server - maintain http RFC SLD_DS_PPO

  5. SLD Supplier/Access Configuration - maintain entry in RZ70 & SLDAPICUST

  6. Map TCP/IP RFC for PO in SM59. The program should be mapped at Gateway (SMGW) and also the inboundRA resource adapter in NWA of PI system

  7. Map HTTP RFC for Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) of SAP PO in SM59

  8. Map HTTP RFC to ESR for SAP PO in SM59
    This RFC (SAP_PROXY_ESR) will be used by transaction SPROXY to import Enterprise Repository objects and generate Proxy objects.

  9. Activate XI service (/sap/xi/) in SICF

Note: For idoc communication TCP/IP RFC to SAP PO will be used while for Proxy based communication HTTP RFC will be used.


Configuration at SAP PO NWA

Following configuration needs to maintained at SAP PO Netweaver:

RFCs to S/4HANA Application

  1. Create RFC Type Destination XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_<SID> : this will be used for idoc communication between PO and S/4HANA systems

  2. Create HTTP Type Destination S4HCLNT100 : this will be used for proxy based communication

Once you complete above steps, you should see two RFCs in NWA for S/4HANA system

RFCs Mapped in NWA to S/4HANA System


Multirepository Entry

In PI/PO systems, the multiRepository property specifies a list of RFC destinations to SAP Systems that are used to query for IDoc metadata when parsing the received IDoc documents to valid IDoc-XML. In simple words, you can use inboundRA resource adapter of a PO/PI system to receive calls from multiple SAP systems via multiRepository property.

The property takes syntax <SID>=XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_ <SID> separated by“;” where <SID> is the name of the sender system

Multirepository Property of inboundRA



Configuration at SLD

Every SAP landscape has different configuration scenarios for SLDs. At times there can be just one SLD for entire landscape, at times there can be different. It is to be noted a SLD can reside on the same PO installation. Below steps are independent to where the SLD resides, but it is mandatory to perform them:

  • Register your S/4HANA system in SLD by creating a Technical System (S4HCLNT100) of type AS ABAP

  • Create corresponding Business System (BS_S4H_100) for the Technical System

  • Validate and assign Software Components to Business System


Once you perform above setup, your S/4HANA and PO/PI systems are ready to communicate with each other. Now you can involve functional folks and start working on different integration scenarios.

I am open to questions and feedback 🙂


Soon I will be posting other blogs discussing different business use cases for S/4HANA integration with PO/PI and also with CPI/BTP. Stay tuned.


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