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This blog continuation to previous one – S/4HANA Extended Production Engineering and Operations (PEO) Part 4 – 1909 Release Updates

SAP S/4HAN Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations Apps and Capabilities.

Release Highlights

The major focus on this blog is to cover S/4HANA 2020 release PEO features.

  1. Engineering handover with snapshot

  2. Manage work center queue

  3. Disassembly scenarios

  4. Migration reports

  5. PMI integration

  6. Reference designators

  7. Track tool usage

Engineering Handover with Snapshot

Engineering snapshots address the following process gaps in SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations.

  1. PEO handles each engineering bill of material (EBOM) separately.

  2. 3D visuals are linked to EBOM

Engineering snapshots are created based on the engineering packages received from external PLM system using Team Data Management Integration (TDMI).

The snapshot captures EBOM for header and sub-assemblies .

Mange Unassigned EBOM Fiori App is not required if customer utilize this snapshot features.

Manage work center queue 

In S/4HANA 2020 PEO the Manage Work Center Queue app now displays that belongs standard production orders and shop floor orders.

With this feature operator can get list of operations that need to be performed.

For each operation operator can see the detailed information

  • Production order

  • Material

  • Quantities

  • Dates (Start and Finish dates)

The prerequisite is to assign the business role SAP_BR_PRDON_OPTR_DISC - Production Operator - Discreate Manufacturing.

Disassembly scenarios 

SAP PEO supports different scenarios to disassembly of components on the shop floor.

Disassembly due to engineering change

Disassembly due to rework

Engineering changes may effect the shop floor at any point of time, the current challenge is to adopt the engineering changes are to difficult.

With this features engineering and rework changes are easily incorporated in to shop floor orders.

In Manager Production Orders Fiori App "Change Order" enables to create the Order Specific Changes that means new MBOM (EBOM->MBOM) and order specific shop floor routing can be assigned to shop floor order.

New changes can be incorporated with the following options.

  • With new change record

  • Without change record

  • With existing change record

Once order specific shop floor routing released new changes will reflected in production order automatically.

Note: Shop floor order components and operation details can not be edited.

A new report As-Built Report delivered with S/4HANA 2020 release, now production supervisors and quality engineers can run this report get the insights of shop floor As-built process.

  1. Drilldown in to all assemblies (Multilevel)

  2. Navigate to Genealogy report to review the detailed activities at each serial number

  3. Where-used list of batches

  4. Print As-Built information

This report can be accessed using GUI transaction MPE_AS_BUILT or As-Built Report in Fiori Launchpad.

Migration reports

Two new reports are available to migrate the classic BOMs and Routings for Unitized Materials in to SAP PEO MBOM and Shop Floor Routing.

  1. RMPE_MIGRATE_UNITIZED_BOM - Create unitized version BOM from classic BOM

  2. RMPE_MIGRATE_UNITIZED_ROUTING - Create unitized version routing from classic routing

PMI integration

3D views can be supported at the operation activity level and this option available in Work Instruction Editor with new tab called 3D View.


3D model should be available for the MBOM used in the routing (MBOM should be created using VEMP from EBOM with visuals).

A new workspace available in Shop Floor Routing App called Auxiliary Data Workspace.

This is the place where auxiliary data handled and currently PMI is only supported.

Reference designators

Reference designators enables better tracking of particular instance is physically designated during assembly, disassembly and other operation activities.

Reference designators comes from external PLM system from EBOMs. However these reference designators should be manually defined in MBOM during the handover process.

Track tool usage

Claim and Register Production Resource Tools.

Claiming is helps to track tool availability in a specific location. Tools with system status ESTO - In the Warehouse only allowed.

  1. When tool is claimed physically taken from warehouse moved to respective production location.

  2. Tool Claiming will takes place in Track Tool Usage App.

  3. Tool can be claimed in different types that are user, work center, operation activity

  4. It is not mandatory to claim a tool. It depends on the customer choice, once tool claimed system changes to CLM - Claimed.

  5. Tool claim and unclaim actions are recorded in Track Toll Usage App.

Register is the process of documentation the number, serial number used in production

  1. Tool registration will takes place in Perform Operation Activity App.

  2. Registration of tool is optional

  3. Tool claim and auto register can be perform at a same time using action handler function.

  4. Register tools are part of As-Built Report.

  5. Registration and Undo registration actions are logged in Production Log report


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