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Standard Text is very common when it comes to having text in our business process print documents such as sales document order acknowledgements, invoices, bills of lading, etc. , specific texts need to be printed in the body of the invoice, such as standard instructions to customers, export regulations, restrictions on how product is to be used, etc. and on the back of the document, the standard terms and conditions ( e.g. of sales).

We have been managing the Standard transaction SO10 in On-premise system and integrating the same in print output forms as text objects. But what in case of S/4HANA Cloud? How will it be created and so on... let's look into some of the answers in this blog...

Below pic shows the the process steps involved in maintaining text and using it in process print documents in On-Premise vs S/4HANA Cloud system.

Let's go through the details of these steps in case of cloud environment.

Maintain Standard Text

To maintain standard text, SAP has provided GUI app for S010 on Cloud Launchpad named " "Maintain Standard Texts".  We can create standard text here as we do in On-Premise.

Role required for "Maintain Standard Texts" app is "SAP_BR_BUSINESS_PROCESS_SPEC"

Here , I created standard text " ZSD_DEMO_HDR" for demo purpose as shown below.

Create Custom Logic

Next step is to implement the In-App BADI to dynamically determine the test during the process runtime. In this case I am using the Sales process, so we will use the corresponding business context and BADI in "Custom Logic" app.

Open the Custom Logic app and click on create new.

Select the business context "Sales text determination" , BADI "Data transfer in text determination" and give the implementation name and click on create.

Implement the logic to determine the text. For demo purpose, I am just populating header text by checking that the product is blank. In real scenarios this can be more complicated logic.

Also, make a note of the enhancement ID ( "Demo" in this case) as we will use it in later step.

Role needed for "Custom Logic" app is "SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR"


Configure Text Determination

Next, we need to configure the text determination for the business process i.e. sales in this case.

Role required for this is "SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT"

GoTo Configure Your Solution => Sales=> Basic Functions=> Text determination

Next select "Define the copying Requirement and Data transfer for texts in SD documents"  and click on configure.

Register the Routine Number

Assign the custom logic created earlier to the registered routine number. The enhancement identifier used here in the enhancement ID we maintained during the custom logic step.

Now, when we are done with routine registration and assignment of custom logic to routine, next is to configure this routine in the the required text configuration step of the process. Here we are determining the text as header text , so need to configure for the same.

Go back to Text determination screen and select  "Set up Text determination for sales document header" and click configure.

We want shipping instruction text at header level, So, note the access sequence number for text Procedure T3 i.e. 300 here

Select the Access sequence and assign the data transfer routine number for the text id (shipping instruction) for the required partner.

So, with this we assigned the routine number which is linked with our custom logic to the sales header shipping instructions text.

Same way we can configure the text for other sales text like  item text, delivery header, billing header etc.

Test Sales Order Printing

Now , we will test our scenario to check if text is determined correctly from the standard text.

Create a sales order and display the output.

Display the output document.

We can see the standard text in the sales document header shipping instructions.


Keep learning & Keep Sharing!!

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