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SAP keeps on enhancing S/4HANA Cloud features to meet the customer demands and we have seen many new features in recent versions; even some of my problem statements in earlier versions are getting resolved with the new features 🙂

Using the search on the shell bar, you can view the search results of an active search model . Enter a search model name and enter *. The page will display all the records belonging to the search model , this is easiest way to find data you are looking for  . How about searching your custom fields content in Search Models ??

I had a requirement to enhance the search model with a custom field in 2105 version and I was glad to find that SAP has released this feature using Fiori app Manage Search Model - Enterprise Search after reading the blog .But when I tried in Cloud 2015; first roadblock I hit was not finding the option itself!

  • Then I learnt that I need to Adapt UI to show Manage Custom field :  Go into a specific model, go into the section Fields, and click on Adapt UI. Once you are in adaptation mode, you must click on the free area next to the search bar >> Right Click >> 'Add content' and there you will be able to add the 'Manage Custom Field' section as you require.



Now you can see the "Manage Custom Fields" added next to Search bar.

But then the complete functionality wasn't available as I couldn't add my custom fields and they were not showing up; after checking with SAP via incident came to know that it will be available fully after 2108 release. I resumed the use case with 2111. My requirement was to add custom field in Billing document Search Model.

  • Added custom field in Business Context and enabled it: :Using Fiori app "Custom Field"; added the custom field for "Sales : Billing Document" business context and enabled it for Billing documents Search Model under section UIs and Reports

  • Now go to Fiori app "Manage Search Model" and select your Search Model - Billing Documents in this case and click on Manage Custom fields under Fields tab. Like in this case I can see my custom field and I have selected this to be added in my Billing Search Model.


Then click on Save and activate and this custom field gets added to "Billing documents" Search Model.


Now lets try the Billing document Search Model to validate if custom field search is working or not . So I updated my Invoice Text1 field with some test data and then tried searching based on it and it works as shown below

It could search the Billing Document based on my Custom field having text as "Test"

Refer OSS Note 3073768 that lists down the Enterprise Search models that allow Custom field extension in S/4HANA Cloud. The new features available with Enterprise Search Model in Cloud 2108 is well covered in Blog  New Features available in 2108 Cloud Edition .


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