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With every S/4HANA Cloud release I always find something new to learn and explore which keeps me glued to the product and this time its Situation Handling Extended Framework. Situation handling has been around sometime and most of us would have tried the standard framework by now. In case you are new to Situation handling ; please refer to blog series available here. This blog series was my starting point as well while trying out the Situation handling standard framework in Cloud last year. While working for one of our customers during their implementation journey, we couldn't use Situation handling considering the limited standard use cases offered doesn't cover much around Professional Services. So, I tried the standard framework, but we didn't implement and thought to pick this up again when custom templates would be available as per the product roadmap.

SAP Jan Webinar covering 2202 early release gave very good insights on what to look forward in 2202 and one of the topics of interest was this Situation Handling Extended Framework. Once our system was upgraded to 2202; the first thing we tried out was the Extended Situation framework following SAP Demo example that was explained in the webinar.

Let's have a look at what's changed with Cloud 2202. Now with Cloud 2202; situation handling is available in 2 frameworks:

  1. Standard Framework: Predelivered standard templates for business situations that can be used out of box

  2. Extended Framework: Now with Cloud 2202; you can have custom created situations

* is what's new for Extended Framework only.

With S/4HANA Cloud 2202; we have 5 new Fiori apps for Situation Handling highlighted below:

Let's have a look at these new Fiori apps and their key features

  1. Manage Situation Objects :Custom object-based situations allow you to create custom situations based on any specific business object. First step you need to do is to create Custom Situation object using this Fiori app. When you click on Create; below screen shows up where you can define the Structure -that triggers the situation. It can be Custom/Standard CDS view.

      2. Manage Situation Scenarios: After you have created the Situation Object, now you can model your own situation scenarios for object-based situations using this app

     3. Manage Situation Types (Extended):You can create object-based situation templates and types to inform end users about issues requiring their attention using this app.

     4. Situation Handling Demo :This app is very helpful to understand the Extended Situation Framework using SAP Flights example. Using this app we can trigger situations on test data given by SAP.

5. My Situations Extended: With this app, you can display all situations in your area of responsibility, based on the extended Situation Handling framework. From the overview table, you can go to the situation page where context information and related actions help you solve the situation.

With Cloud 2202 SAP has taken its first step towards addressing common ask from customers wrt Custom Situations ; more to come with future releases . PFB SAP Roadmap snapshot on what to expect more in Extended Framework

In this blog we have seen what all new apps for Extended Framework are available with 2202. You can try using the same for your custom situations now.  Since the framework is easy to use; its easy for consultants to configure and customize the same for their business requirements.

For end to end Configuration of Situation Handling - Extended Framework ; you can refer my blogs :

1. S/4HANA Cloud : Getting started with Manage Situation Object in 2202 : (2/5)
2. S/4HANA Cloud: Now model Situation Object using Manage Situation Scenarios : (3/5)
3. S/4HANA Cloud: Create your own Situation Templates and Types using Manage Situation Types -Extended:...
4. S/4HANA Cloud: Monitor your Custom Situation using My Situations: Extended:(5/5)

Please do share your learnings and experiences as well while working with Extended Framework.



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