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As we all know , SAP released S/4HANA 1809 version few days back. So, with that we wanted to activate 1809 Best Practices system. In this blog, i am listing down the steps to activate the 1809 BP and the error encountered along with their solution.


Best practice client setup completed and TR with installation data is imported into the system.

Steps to Activate the 1809 Best Practices

1) Import BP (/SMB/BBI)

a. First step to import the solution using the following path.


b. Import the installation data using following path.

c. BP will downloaded from reference and will appear like as follows

2) Create copy of Downloaded BP using Function “Copy Solution” in Application tool Bar as follows

  •  Give the name “Z_MY_SOLUTION_US” as follows.

  •  Solution will be copied and displayed as follows:

3) Execute the report '/SMB/REMOVE_NOTINST_LANG_IMG' for Language and removed unwanted languages which are not deployed in the system.

4) We can check the released languages by double clicking on the copied solution.

5) Go to the implementation assistant for your copied solution.

6) Activate the copied solution using check function as follows.

7) Activation completed.


Quite simple ..right ??  You must be wondering , how could it be so simple... will we not get any issue while activating the BP...

The above steps talks about the activation process steps and not about the speed breakers you might get on the way. Lets talk about the ones i got and how you can pass them smoothly in case you get to go over them ...


Errors Encountered during BP activation

1) Error: Execute Ecatt procedures in this client Not Allowed.

Solution : Error corrected by making changes in client 000 using transaction SCC4.

2) Error: Activation of reference solutions is not permitted

Solution: The problem is, by default the standard solution is favorite solution and even when we select the copy solution it picks the reference solution and tries to activate it, which is not permitted. Error is resolved by changing the favorite solution.

3) Error: Files not uploaded.

Solution:This is solved by importing the installation data by checking the highlighted check box during the copy step.

4) Error: Maintain tax number categories – J61(XX)

Solution: look for details under “Building Block bulder” scope item J61(XX)

  • Maintain the entries provided under Solution specfic tab – Installation data in view “V_TFKTAXNUMTYPEC"

5) Error: Maintain text in multi language for active items (J17(XX), J66(XX))

Solution: Look for details under “Building Block bulder” specific scope item and as per details maintain view “V_CSLA_CORE” to create entries in CSLT table

6) Error: Add custom master data fields

Solution: Maintain entries in view “V_FINCS_FLD_DEF”

7) Error: Configure addition characteristics

Solution: Maintain entries in view “V_FINCS_FLD_CONF” matching fileds from view “V_FINCS_FLD_DEF” maintaned above

8) Error: Create supply chain units

Try creating supply chanin unit in tcode /N/SCMB/SCUMAIN

Got the error “Business Sytem group not assigned. Use this procedure to assign the logical system and queue types to a business system group (BSG).


  1. Start transaction SPRO and in the IMG, choose SCM Extended Warehouse Management SCM  >Basis Integration>Basic Settings for Creating the System Landscape>Assign Logical System and Queue Type.

  2. On the Change View “Assignment of Logical System to Business System Group”: Overview screen, choose New Entries.

  3. On the New Entries: Overview of Added Entries screen, make the following entries:

Business System Group   BSG
Logical System                 <S/4HANA system name>CLNT<client> For example: RSKCLNT079
SAP Ind.                            X
Release                             700
Queue Type                       I Inbound Queues
Err. Hndling                       Strict (Terminate at Errors)
Role                                   Not Specified

4. Choose Save.

After this, create supply chain unit in tcode /N/SCMB/SCUMAIN as per the details provided in Building block builder.


9) Error: Sample master data for substances (39E(XX))

Solution: Run Ecatt script /SMB99/PMA_O004_39E manually by maintaining the variants provided under Building block builder.

10) Error: Sample master data for Compliance

Solution: Run Ecatt script '/SMB99/PMA_O003_38V' manually by maintaining the variants provided under Building block builder.



We can activate the 1809 Best practices by following the simple steps. The same has also been documented in detail by SAP in "Administration Guide to Implementation of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Best Practices (1809)"

In case you get any error ( from above list or otherwise), you will find the solution within the "Building Block Builder library" itself.

This is it from my side. Keep learning keep sharing!



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