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Hello Guys,

It is my first blog in SCN on simple logistics to keep update you such a small topic today on Business partner how it works.

So lets catch up everything in Simple logistics ...never ever give up...Just i want to to share some of breathed knowledge on HANA.


Except PA20/PA30 all T.codes are removed related to customers (XD01/VD01/XK01 Etc).


As of now in ECC customer tables are KNA1/KNB1/KNVV,  But in HANA BUT100 & BUT000 Tables (Examp)

Still we have an option to store the BP tables in both places (KNA1/KNB1/KNVV) and BUT100/BUT000.

The reason being is there is financial service functionality in FI and it HANA is not completely fledged hence ECC customer tables are required...where is the setting...Lets look into config below....



I will explain at the end of this topic where we can maintain these BP roles



So you want the customers data to be updated in ECC Tables ...below is the settings...


You can do this by modifying the SAP standard settings of BP role TR0600. Go to -

Cross-Application Components >> Master Data Synchronization >> Customer/Vendor Integration >> Business Partner Settings >> Settings for Customer Integration >> Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer


If you activate Customer based option then the customer details will be updated in ECC tables otherwise it will be only in HANA tables.




Account group- There is no account group function in HANA ...But how system is controlling Number ranges or Fields (Display/req/Suppress)???

If account group is not available in HANA then why assign the account group ??


My Clarification--Normally we can maintain BP roles while creating the customers and at the same time will assign grouping option.

Keep in Mind-In BP Role- we define BP Role Cate-and we assign Grouping to BP role category.



Here we assign BP Role category to BP Role....


What is use of HIDE-if we activate this check box we cant see the BP roles in BP T.code ..it will not be visible.


Always we need to keep the same BP Role category of BP role when we are using the standard BP roles otherwise we have to remove the check box  (STD assignment )

Grouping can  done based on role category not on BP role.


What is the position ?

The number of position controls where the BP role should be visible in BP.

If you keep 1 then it appears on the top of BP roles.


BP View - It is just view of BP for specific BP roles.


Normally we create BP Organisation/Group and persons...but if we one module consultants wont like creating sales organisation ...then below is the complete control..


Here we can assign BP role category to Grouping.



Define BP Roles for exclusion groups...

Suppose if you dont want specific role for grouping then we can assign specific bp roles...bz we need not delete.



What is application transactions ?

Normally we go to BP and changing the BP roles as per our requirement like vendor/customer/accounting...

but if you activate it here directly we go to specific screen of BP



Define Number ranges to Grouping



We can control fields by using 4 methods IN HANA..



Last but not least ---We have to Make CVI configuration to control the same partner number and we have to check CVI object is activated or not SWF5.


Why Account group ?? while migration project system should understand this ECC customer is supposed to be specific BP roles Role....



Please put your doubts as it will be better to me as well....I will be back with creation of one time customer in HANA....


Thanks a lot ...




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