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In S/4 Hana SAP has come up with a new tool for data migration "Data Migration Cockpit", as always enthusiastic to try this tool too. In this blog post i would like to share the issues i faced while the testing this tool for first time in a S/4 HANA system and learning .

What is S4 Data migration cockpit

Let me put this is simple words like this, It is a Web Based Tools to migrate Legacy Data into S/4HANA.


The SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit and its content are neither recommended not intended to be used as an interface or to mass change existing data

  • The SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is used to initially migrate data to an SAP S/4HANA system during the implementation phase.

  • The APIs used for the initial data migration are APIs to create data. The update of existing data is therefore not supported.

  • The SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit tool and content is not intended and not recommended to be used as a kind of interface to permanently or frequently load data into a system.

  • The SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit tool and content cannot be used as a mass processing app to change or update existing data.

Transferring Data Options

  1. File Upload:-For each migration object that is relevant for the transfer there will be Microsoft Excel XML files. This file can be download for the migration object, specify the relevant data, and then upload the file.

  2. Staging Table:-Migration cockpit will automatically create staging tables in a staging system (running SAP HANA) for each migration object that are selected in the project created. This staging tables can be filled with data either manually or by using your preferred tools (e.g. SAP Agile Data Preparation)


The S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is available from S/4HANA Release 1610 in the OnPremise Version

  • 2376533 - Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4 HANA On-Premise Edition 1610

  • 2481235 - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit (on premise) - restrictions and extensibility of pre-delivered migration objects

Note: - SAP has given a report which suggests all the recommend notes related to data migration cockpit . Run the report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER’(Note 2596411 - Note Analyzer - SLT / NZDT / S4HANA Migration Cockpit) by selecting the radio button Migration cockpit. It will list all the recommend notes


The transaction for data migration cockpit is 'LTMC'

From SAP GUI run the transaction 'LTMC', the screen will open in a browser. In my case i got error '403 Forbidden' error. I know the issue, following SICF services are not active in the system 'DMC_WDA' ,'DMC_WDA_DATA_MIG','DMC_WDA_GAF'

To find the respective services use 'DMC*' as filter in the service name field.


Note:- Role required to run this transaction is 'SAP_CA_DMC_MC_USER'

Once after the SICF services are active, now the screen is visible.

In this Demo I will be using a predefined migration object to load the data from file. Steps for data migration is as follows

Step 1: Create a new project ( Transfer option data from file). Any name can given to the project.

Note:- Max file size supported is 200MB

Step 2:- All the standard migration object will be listed in the Table view. Select the required migration objects to migrate data, for my testing i selected the object 'Material' and then click on button open.

Step 3:-Now the migration object will be copied to the new project. After that select button "Download template" which will download the template. In that downloaded template we can populate the data.

Step 4:- Open the downloaded template( right click and choose edit on the file, it will open in excel)

This file has lot of tabs and fields, lets see how we can take out the tabs and fields which are not relevant .

Note:-If you want to continue with data load by populating the existing template you can continue to step 5 by skipping sections under step4.

Step 4a:- To modify the migration object run transaction 'LTMOM' in SAP GUI, here you will be able see the technical details related to migration objects added in the project. Open the project created for migration

Note:- Role 'SAP_CA_DMC_MC_DEVELOPER' is required to modify the migration object

Step 4b:- To reduce the fields and tab in the excel template, navigate to the node 'Source Structure' for the respective migration object and double click. On the right panel the structure will be visible. Right click on the Node name and choose the option 'Display View'. To edit switch to edit mode.

Step 4c:- Select the value 'Not visible' in the column 'On_premise- Enterprise Management' ( My S/4 system is on Premise that why i am modifying value in this column) for the fields/tabs not required in the template. To make fields non Mandatory set the value to 'Visible' in the same column.

Once these change are complete click button generate which will regenerate the migration objects to reflect the new changes. Once it is generates go back to transaction 'LTMC' and download the new template( With reduced tabs and relevant fields ).

Step 5:- Populate the required fields in the downloaded excel template

Step 6:- Upload the template by clicking button 'Upload File' in the web screen.

Step 7:- Once it is successfully uploaded, details are visible in the section 'Source Files' with Migration status 'Not Active'.

Step 8:- Select the file from the section 'Source Files' and click on Activate button. Once it is activated then select 'Start Transfer'

System automatically proceed with validation of the data which are transferred from the file

If any error is there it can found in the section 'Notifications from Validation', if there are errors fix that in the file and upload it once again and then repeat from step 6

Step 9:- In the Guided navigation view proceed to next step 'Convert Values'. In the work list view filter the data with status 'Open', which need to be confirmed to proceed further. System performs validation of data for the fields where value helps are available.

If you don't want to validate the mapping errors one by one, then you can confirm all the changes at once by selecting button 'Confirm mapping values'.

In my case i confirmed one by one. To confirm the data, select the hyperlink in the name column, a popup will open then change the value in the column 'Target value' if required and then select the confirm button on the tool bar, then 'Save' button at the bottom of popup.

Oops I didn't capture screen shot where i corrected the plant data.I have another screen shot which is for unit of measure, this is how the confirmation screen look like.

Step 10:- Move to next step 'Stimulate Import', in this step system will do test run with the mapped data by passing data to the BAPI maintained for this migration object. If there is any error during this step, can found in the section 'Notifications from Stimulation'. In my case there is no error so good to proceed. If there is error because of data then need to fix in the file and repeat from step 6 otherwise if it because of authorization or something related to back-end then the stimulation step can be continued after fixing the respective issues in the back-end .

Step 11:-  Continue to next step 'Execute Import', actual posting happens in this step

Upon finish the migration status will be set to 'Finished'.


Step 11: Material got created in S/4 System.


This tool is super simple to use!!!

At last my first blog post is here, this was always in my agenda since started working in SAP but never happened. This time to make it happen i took a different approach to captured screen prints for each and every steps while i was working on the system and kept in a document. Later it is a copy paste for me from that document to here.

Reference:- https://help.sap.com/viewer/29193bf0ebdd4583930b2176cb993268/1709%20001/en-US
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