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SAP has provided multiple approaches to integrate S/4 HANA with standalone BW 7.5. Here we are going to see how data from S/4 HANA can be extracted to BW 7.5 through Smart Data Access. This document will provide step by step technical guidance to integrate the S4HANA with standalone BW system through Smart Data Access as Data Provisioning method.


Extraction Method BW Version S/4 HANA Version
Smart Data Access BW 7.5 1511 FPS02

Follow the below steps to integrate S/4 HANA with BW 7.5 through SDA.

Step 1: Smart Data Access connection should be established between the source and target system. Ask the BASIS team to establish the SDA connection in the DB level which can be used in the BW application layer.

DB layer SDA connection can be established in HANA layer under Provisioning--->Remote sources.

Once SDA connection is established then BW layer SDA connection can be established by the developer by following the below mentioned steps.

Step 2: Create an Open ODS view based on the ABAP CDS view.

Step 3: Select the established SDA connection name from the list.

Step 4: Select the required ABAP CDS view name from the list.

Step 5: For the first time select “Create New” option to establish SDA connection in BW.

Step 6: Activate the Open ODS View

While activating the Open ODS view you might face Open ODS view activation error as shown above. This error is due to insufficient privileges between your schema, SDA connection established user name and the table existing schema in source. Need to run the below query in your target system to fix this issue, once it is executed Open DSO view activation will happen.


XXXXX – SDA connection name

YYYYY – Target Schema name.

USRSC1 – Schema in which Open ODS view is created.

SYSYEM – User id which is used for SDA connection establishment (DB level).

SAPHANADB – CDS views which are stored in the source schema.

Step 7: While previewing the data you might face the below error which is due to the READ access privileges for the source schema hence it is required to get the SELECT privilege for the id which is used to create the SDA connection.

Required privileges: ABAP Admin access with SELECT for the id which is used to create SDA connection.

Step 8: If data persistence is required you can add ADSO otherwise directly we can create composite provider on top of Open ODS view.

Step 9: Create BeX query on top of composite provider.

Add the required characteristics in the default and filter values pane.


Add the characteristics, keyfigures in the corresponding panes.

BeX level local/global CKF’s and RKF’s can be created by Right click in the key figure.


Step 10: Query output.

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