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Last week I got the chance to lay my hands on a S4 HANA 1511 OnPremise Edition system for the first time.

While waiting for our system to be available, I have read the Simplification List (I’m using version 1.5 for references) in detail, so I had some expectations what I will see (and maybe even more Important what I will no longer see). Here are some examples comparing the list and the system experience.

I’m accessing the system via the classical SapGui-functions (using Business Client 6.0), and see if I get my processes running that way. (Exploring the new Fiori UI is left to a later stage).

System – Status says:

  • Product-Version: SAP S/4HANA ON-PREMISE 1511
  • SAP_BASIS         750         0000      -              SAP Basis Component
  • S4CORE               100         0000      -              S4CORE
  • (there’s no SAP_APPL!) Business Partner Approach - BP replacing vendor master and customer master

Calling VD01 leads me directly to BP, with the message “Redirection to transaction BP, as transaction VD01 is obsolete”. Same is true for XK01, MK01…

VD02 and VD03 let me select the customer before redirecting me to BP.

So this is what was announced in Business Partner Approach -> all is done via BP.

I didn’t expect getting redirected if you try to use some of the old transactions (e.g. VK01) but consider it a nice service for people transitioning from ECC.

Interesting: KNA1 and LFA1 are still filled, when creating the corresponding BusinessPartner. SD Simplified Data Models:

From SD Simplified Data Models:

“Field length extension of SD document category: Data element VBTYP (Char1) has been replaced by data element VBTYPL (Char4)”

-> true, VBAK-VBTYP now has Data-Element VBTYPL, an it is 4 characters long.

“Elimination of Status Tables VBUK, VBUP: “

  • Well: VBUK, VBUP: they seem to still be there, but are not filled!

“Status fields have been moved to the corresponding header and item tables - VBAK and VBAP for sales documents, LIKP, and LIPS for deliveries, VBRK for billing documents”

  • true: VBAK now has the status fields (.INCLUDE              VBAK_STATUS), same for VBAP (.INCLUDE VBAP_STATUS)

“Elimination of redundancies – Document Index Tables VAKPA , VAPMA, VLKPA, VLPMA, VRKPA, VRPMA”

  • well: they seem to still be there, and they are filled! Data model in inventory management (MM-IM)

There now is a table MATDOC, and it’s filled.

MSEG and MKPF seem to still be there, and seem to be filled. They appear as Transparent Tables. Availability of Transactions in MM-IM

“The following transactions for entering and displaying goods movements (material documents) - called "MB transactions" (below) are not available with SAP S/4HANA. […]MB01, MB02, MB03, MB04, MB05, MB0A, MB11, MB1A, MB1B, MB1C, MB31, MBNL, MBRL, MBSF,MBSL, MBST and MBSU”

  • True! MB03 redirects to MIGO, MB01, MB31, MBSF  gives a message that it cannot be used: “Transaction MB01 is obsolete (see note 2210569 )”. -> ok. Classic MM-PUR GUI Transactions replacement

OK, here’s the first time, that the Simplification List clearly seems to be lying:

“Transaction not available in SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511:”









[and some more]

Well, I can use ME21 just fine, I successfully created a PO with it! I also used ME22 and ME23.

1.6 Elimination of tables - general

Using a SapGui point of view (SE11, SE16, SE16n) the tables that should have been eliminated seem to still be there. I cannot tell a difference between VBUK (should have been eliminated) and VBAK (should still be there).

I see two possible explanations for that:

  • The compatibility views (aka equally named views) are abstracting so well that I cannot tell them apart from “real” transparent tables.
  • Despite the simplification list saying so, they have NOT been eliminated.

[Edit: the first explanation now seems more likely to me, as I have tried writing into one of those Tables (MKPF) and it didn't work (update set is giving an RC = 4). ]

Another thing to note: some of the tables are still filled while executing business processes (like MKPF), others are not (like VBUK).

[Edit 2: now I know how to look behind the scenes here! I share it with you in my new blog! ]

1.7      Elimination of Transactions / dead code

Some transaction (ME21) have not been eliminated at all. The others are either re-directing to a new Transaction (VK01 -> BP; MB03 -> MIGO), or giving error messages, that they can no longer be used (MB01).

But: The codebase is still there, it has not been eliminated. (I checked it on the example of MBSF -> SAPMM07M). So I have unused (dead) code in my system, which does not seem to be a good idea in regards to maintenance.

1.8      Outlook

Maybe you can give me some tips, to help evaluate my experiences?


- what would be a good way to really look at tables (probably down on HANA DB-level?) an tell if the really have been eliminated or not.

- has maybe the 1511 cloud edition been more consequent in really elimination stuff, like promised (or threatened?) in the Simplification List? E.g. what happens, when you try ME21 in Cloud Edition?

- (how) will we get rid of the obsolete codebase in future releases?

I hope you enjoyed my blog, which in fact is my first one ever, so your feedback is very welcome!

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