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Hi Guys,

It has been some time since I wrote blogs, and today I want to talk about the SAP S/4 1511 release. This is one of the biggest release this year of SAP and brings in a lot of features and functionality. It has S/4 Logistics solution and lots of simplifications in area of Material management.  It is also a next release of S/4 Finance too (more about that later in blog)

Changes/ Simplifications in 1511

There have been a few blogs written on features and solution of 1511 release.

A Good place to look at all the simplification would be:-



Is 1511 a version of Sfin?

As shown above the first path is the sequence of SAP Simple Finance / S/4 Finance 1503 releases and the second box shows the S/4 Logistics solution which is part of the whole 1511 release.

In the current release of S/4 Finance 1511, there are a lot of product features being made available. This has simplification in area of MM , PS , MRP, Production planning , basically S/4 Logistics solution.

However this is also a release of SAP Simple Finance.

This release is SAP S/4 Finance 1503 SP03 . This release is combined with AP_APPL 617 for Logistics and Netweaver stack for SAP_BASIS  740.

On the path to take for migration, please visit this excellent blog:-

The road to SAP S/4HANA: the different transiti... | SCN

SAP say's you can still upgrade just the Finance stack to 1511 and still use old Logistics / no S/4 Logistics solution.

So depending on your client scenario you can go on one of the route suggested in the above blog.

However let me focus mainly on Finance area and the changes in it.

Change in Finance area in 1511 wrt 1503 Sp01

Following were key changes in the Finance area:-

  • A lot of simplification is done in Asset accounting area and the data footprint reduced. Most of the Asset data is posted to ACDOCA table now
  • Material Ledger activation is mandatory now. This is due to change in the data design for inventory valuation. ML activation is mandatory but actual costing is not.
  • SD-Revenue recognition solution is not supported and all customer have to move to SAP Revenue Accounting & Reporting solution which is in S/4 HANA. This will involve some migration effort and a good analysis is to be done on open orders present.
  • Changes in Fiori Apps:-
    • Some apps like Margin analysis is removed and is no longer available with 1511
    • Some new apps and factsheets added e.g. Fixed Asset Factsheet, Analytical apps on Functional area , P&L , Projects ( related to IBP)

Hope this helps,



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