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For companies with compliance in Russia possible architecture with ATTP,  S/4HANA and EWM reviewed in blog posts:

Are you prepared? New Russian “Crypto-code” Requirements for Retailers and Consumer Product Companies

Russian National track & trace digital system. Compliance with SAP ATTP, S/4HANA and EWM

In this blog, we consider technical details

Basic terms

World specific:

SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code (box, pallet, Serialized Containers in ATTP terms, HU in EWM terms)

SGTIN - Serialized GTIN, a special case of EPC (pack of drugs, Serialized Trade Items in ATTP terms)

GTIN -  Global Trade Identification Number (GS1 Standard).  Unique id for each SKU.

GLN -  Global Location Number (GS1 Standard). Unique id for each company in the system.

Russian specific:

MDLP - The Russian Drug Circulation Monitoring System

One of the possible implementations of compliance with SAP ATTP, S/4HANA and EWM

A closer look at technical details (SAP systems, marked with Redstar on the diagram)

[4] - SAP ATTP

SAP Advanced Track and Trace (SAP ATTP) is a niche industry-specific product – built for pharma companies. It offers serial number management and an event repository. It ensures close integration with country-specified Site Serialization Systems and WMS/ERP solutions for master data, orders, and warehouse operations. It contains a rule framework and regulatory reporting for Russia, Turkey, South Korea, India, EU, China, Argentina, and the US and will be capable of handling the upcoming legislation. SAP ATTP is a standalone ABAP-based system.


/STTP/COCKPIT (Data Cockpit)

The main transaction

Few words about Post Manual Event in Data Cockpit

A lot of business situations when you need a post manual event.

For example, Bussiness Transaction - Return Merchandise Authorization

and 601 message type  contains SGTINs without aggregation in SSCC in ATTP

You can't work with Inbound Delivery without SSCC/HU in EWM so before integration, to EWM you must post a manual event Aggregation Event (SGTINs to SSCC)

Post Manual Event Example:

[12] - MDLP Connector for SAP ATTP by 3keys GmBH

This extension brings to SAP ATTP additional capabilities. MDLP Monitor, digital signatures management, API for MDLP, and so on.

Some features.


*- /K3T/ - the namespace delivered by SAP to 3Keys GmBH

Transaction - /K3T/RU_MONITOR  (Russia MDLP Monitor)

Navigation by MDLP messages. Selection Screen.

For example, you can select all 915 MDLP Document Type on the desired date

or all MDLP messages for S/4HANA delivery number (field Document Number) and much more criteria

MDLP monitor. Selection screen

For example, you can:

Digitally sign and submit a message to MDLP (Approval button)

Inspect MDLP status (Status 30 - OK)

Inspect MDLP answer (MDLP Message -> Display Response XML)


Transaction - /K3T/RU_CONF (Russia Reporting Configuration)

Transaction - /K3T/RU_CRULE (Russia reporting rule parameter)

For example,  you can make a rule - create 912 (Unit Unpack) message type for Business Step "011 -receiving". This means that you can change the hierarchy many times within the warehouse without sending intermediate messages to MDLP. And send 915 (Multipack) on shipment only. So you can make another rule - create 915 (Multipack) and 415 (Move Order) and assign it to Bussiness Step "013 - shipping". And so on.


Transaction - SE38

Report - /K3T/RU_MDLP_API

This report is a powerful API interface for MDLP and a full replacement for your account on the MDLP site

For example, we want to request a full hierarchy for SSCC:

Request Example:


where 146050800000002376 - sscc code

Response Example:

Useful information about owner and hierarchy

[11] - SAP EWM and [6] - STTPEW Add-on for EWM

This extension brings to SAP EWM additional integration capabilities

It is important to understand that this is not a complete solution, but a set of integration tools.

Transaction - /STTPEW/WHS_TOOLBOX (Warehouse Activity Test Client)

Demo of integration tools.

You can use and modified add-on tools for your warehouse project. Z-code is inevitable.

What does this mean?

Remember this image from the previous blog post.

Hierarchy and business steps. You must always synchronize hierarchy EWM/ATTP for Serialized items

Inbound Delivery, Outbound Delivery, Picking, and so on.

Inbound Delivery Complete - you must report from EWM to ATTP hierarchy and trigger receiving event

Outbound Delivery Complete - you must report from EWM to ATTP hierarchy and trigger sipping event

Picking - you must report from EWM to ATTP packing and sap_packing_nested events

Quality Management - you must report from EWM to ATTP SGTINs from QM-picking and so on.

and different checks: perform EWM/ATTP reconciliation for each WT for HU with Serialized Trade Item

Another idea for Z-transactions:

  • Ad-hoc HU Check (Prompt manual EWM/ATTP reconciliation)

  • Ad-hoc Manual sendings events from EWM to ATTP for different error fixing


[7] - SAP S/4HANA and [5] - STTPEC Add-on for S/4HANA

This Add-on expands standard tools for maintaining master data and brings to SAP S/4HANA  additional integration capabilities

For example new Advanced Track & Trace sections in transaction MM02 and MSC2N

For example GTIN settings in transaction MM02

GS1 Calculator is inevitable for GTIN calculation

Transactions for Ad-hoc master data integration from S/4HANA to ATTP:

/STTPEC/INT_BUP (Business Partner Integration)

/STTPEC/INT_BATCH (Batch Integration)

/STTPEC/INT_TRN (Transaction Data Integration. For example Inbound/Outbound delivery)

For Ad-hoc integration S/4HANA with L3 level Z-code is also inevitable.

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