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Many of us are aware that Breakdowns leading to Production losses draw attention of Senior Management as well as QMS audit people. Very frequently asked question by these authorities is What is the Root Cause? Also Many of us know about a very common and effective approach to reach at this Root Cause is through the method of asking Why 5 times. (5-Why method). It is said that by receiving answer to the 5th Why on the Breakdown reason, we would be arriving at the Root Cause.  (It is quite possible that we arrive at Root Cause well before answering the 5th Why.)


We are discussing in this document about an idea implemented to map this process of Root Cause Analysis, making use of Catalogs & Codes. We will be able to show to the Authorities, the Root Cause Analysis done on vital breakdowns.

Here we see how to go about it


Make few Code-Groups and Codes as under through Tcode QS41 (and Transport to other clients)

Root Cause Analysis

For demonstration, we have taken a simple case of EME vehicle not starting, on which we had already created a Malfunction Notification. See this Graphic to understand the 5-Why Analysis.

Now let's do it in the system with the help of the codes created above. Go to the Catalogs & Codes Tab of this Notification, give the Object part and Damage details and enter the Causes Tab page. See the picture how we used the above codes to perform 5-Why analysis .

So the Root Cause we have Arrived at is Training not Given. Note: If needed, you can write long-texts against each code-Text.

Now Go to Activities tab and record this way:

Here too Long texts can be used.

All done.

Now we can show the Authorities, the Analysis we do on vital Breakdowns.

Further, to show it in an impressive Lay-out, and system generated PDF formats, we can go for a Smartform as I opted for (shown below)

I need not explain the picture above, it is self-explanatory. This Samrtform was integrated to custom reports of Breakdown Analysis When clicked on a CAPA cell against a Notification, system presents you the above screen.


The coding part (QS41), will be customized by Readers as per their situation. Bottom line is how we map the 5-Why process using the SAP objects. Hope this share will be useful to members.

Thank you


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