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SAP helps businesses to grow up all around the world. With the process of running the business you can meet with some requirements specific to the individual country in which you are.

SAP Business ByDesign helps enterprises to follow their business smoothly. It is deployed in more than 146 countries, but it is supported by SAP in only 20 country versions and 12 languages.

For the purpose of supporting operations outside of these 20 countries, SAP added Customer-Specific Localization capability to permit partners to extend and adapt SAP Business ByDesign in a non-standard SAP localized countries.

So our company, SNAP international s.r.o., decided to focus our skills in the development of such solutions.

We had already post one blog about Hungarian Localization Solution – Hungarian Localization for SAP Business ByDesign | SAP Blogs, click on the link to know more about it.

This time we want to tell you more about localization that we provide in Romania.

What is Romanian Localization?

Romanian Localization solution provides the functionality to be compliant with the tax authorities in both financials and operations. This solution enables to create all needed tax and business documents which are required, meets local requirement, has invoice number sequentially and you can be sure that all the print-out forms will be delivered in Romanian language.

What are the key benefits of this solution

Key benefits of Romanian localization in SAP Business ByDesign

Local requirement

This solution commits to keep the localizations up to date from a legal point of view and always compatible with the new SAP ByDesign versions. The costumers can ensure that their business in Romania can run smoothly with our package. The print-out forms are delivered in Romanian and meet the specific local requirements.

Invoice number sequentially

Package of Romanian localization provides the specific invoice number sequential without gap in the numbering. Also maintains a record of a transaction between the company and the customer.

Reports in Romanian format

With this package costumers are enable to create all needed tax and business documents required to run the business in Romania.

The reports in XML and PDF format that are available in this solution:

  • report 100/710, used quarterly for profit tax due for last quarter;

  • report 101, used for reporting the tax base and the profit tax for the fiscal year;

  • report 300, the report contains cumulative monthly data for every type of transaction by criteria like tax rate, reverse charge, goods or services, national / EU / import-export, this report summarizes collected VAT, deductible VAT and payable VAT;

  • report 390 (VIES report) used monthly for reporting EU transactions, aligned with EU regulations;

  • report 394 used monthly for details on all national transactions from VAT standpoint, this report contains the identification for every commercial partner, number of invoices, value of transactions, VAT parameters (tax rate, reverse charge), it is also used by ANAF for cross-reference with commercial partners and detection of VAT fraud;

  • financial statements report is used yearly, this report contains the balance sheet, profit and loss account and two other sections with detailed financial information deemed necessary by ANAF, the notes to the financial statements and other documents are scanned in .pdf, archived as .zip and attached to the file;

  • semestrial accounting report is used yearly and also is similar to the Financial Statements but for a half year period.

How does it work?

Open the video below. The you can see how to create the VAT report from SAP Business ByDesign. You can also notice the list of the other reports, which were mentioned above.


Everything works in a couple clicks.

Follow the next steps to understand how it works:

  • Open VAT report from the launchpad;

  • Put in the ID, the companies ID, the declaration start and end, which is specified by your needs;

  • Select data and choose to look and the preview;

  • The window with the document will open automatically.

Please, let us know if you need additional information about our solution and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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