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In this blog, I will discuss few important aspects of strategic consulting which plays a key role in a large organization which is running SAP or similar enterprise software.Information in this blog will help in decision making to take up major projects in enterprise landscape.

Major projects in an enterprise landscape are as follows

  • Upgrade ERP systems

  • Upgrade Middleware system

  • Upgrade Legacy systems

  • Convert all legacy applications

  • Implement change management process

  • Implement new ticketing system for all the business processes in the landscape

  • Implement documentation standards for all the business processes in the landscape

Architecture development method(ADM) is a core component of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) standard which is adaptable to any organization running Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to do their business and send and receive their business transaction to partners. TOGAF has many partners like ORACLE, IBM, HP, SAP which will make TOGAF standard very robust and more generic framework to adapt and implement in any Information Technology (IT) or Service Industries.

Organization uses an acronym called ‘BDAT’ when planning to adapt architecture framework in accomplishing the big projects. Abbreviation of BDAT is as follows.

  • B: Business

  • 😧 Data

  • A: Application

  • T: Technology

In reality, business is a key component which in turn creates Data which in turn uses applications that are built using information technology (IT) any enterprise landscape.

What are ADM and its phases?

ADM consists of 8 phases including a Preliminary phase and Requirement Management phase. ADM is a cycle of events which are interdependent on each other and requirement management phase being in the center as shown in the diagram below.

ADM phases are as follows.

  1. Architecture Vision Phase

  2. Business Architecture

  3. Information and Application Architecture

  4. Technology Architecture

  5. Opportunities and Solutions

  6. Planning and Migration

  7. Implementation and Governance

  8. Architecture Change Management

I will explain phases in my next blog!

Stay tuned!
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