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Last year SAP launched RISE with SAP (previously knows as SAP Cloud Nine) which should not be called as a product but it is a go to market offering by SAP. This offering stands for three fundamental known as - Business Process Redesign/Transformation, Journey to S/4HANA and intelligence infrastructure (formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform).

RISE with SAP is meant to inspire customers to take advantage of this subscription model and encouraging customers to utilize the latest version of its flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) software - SAP S/4HANA.

The contract for RISE with SAP includes Application, BTP or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and few Cloud Managed Services (CMS).


What are the components of RISE with SAP?

  • Business Process Redesign or Intelligence comes with SAP Provided tool which generates a simplified report called Process Discovery. This utility process is generated by the Business Process Management software retained from Signavio and this leads to understanding process chains, complex bottlenecks, areas for restructuring or modifying the business with adopting standard best practices.

  • Technical Migration – This practice allows to move to S/4HANA Cloud Services with a subscription and choice of the hyperscaler (GCP, AWS, Azure so on).

  • Intelligence Infrastructure – 20% reduction is TCO is claimed by SAP by using the offering RISE with SAP. This converts Capex into Opex and eliminates shelfware resulting profit to business.


What are the Hyperscaler Vendors being allowed to go for RISE with SAP?

AWS, IBM, GCP, Azure, Alibaba are launch partners. It means other vendors are allowed to be a part of the digital transformation journey for IaaS. At the same time, there is an option for customers to select SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Single contract with a hyperscaler is also allowed at this moment but the RISE with SAP contract will not be activated for those cases. Combination of Application Managed Services and Cloud via a single contract will not be allowed for RISE with SAP offering.



It is an advantageous option to go for RISE with SAP offering since it covers single contract & SLA (One offer, One contract). This hassle-free business digital transformation will make your business a future ready.