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Dear SAPers,

Here is a small post that explains how to reset the interest run in SAP. The post will explain the details for both SAP ECC system and S4 HANA. If you're interested in the topics around interest calculation, please also check my other post about enhancement of the menu in transaction FINT.

Reversal in SAP ECC

Interest run is executed via transaction FINT. But to reverse it, you need to use another transaction – FINTSHOW. Launch the transaction and fill the selection parameters to limit the results to a particular interest run:

Activate the checkbox for a line with relevant accounting document number and press the button “Reverse”:

Provide the reversal reason and confirm the reversal action:

The program will issue the following typical log. Please note the text of the last message:

That text essentially, means that you reversed only accounting document, but did not reset the results of the interest calculation run. Technically speaking, the table INTITIT still stores all details related to the calculation of interest amount.

To finish the action you need to press the “Reverse”-button in transaction FINTSHOW once more. It will clear the table INTITIT and will adjust the master data for the customer. Screenshots below show customer’s master data before & after the reversal of interest run:

As can be seen, the program reset the "Last key date" for interest calculation purposes to 31.12.2022, which is the date of the last non-reversed interest run:

Reversal in S4 HANA

Open Fiori App F4485Manage Interest Runs” and fill the selection parameters to restrict the report results. Activate the checkbox for the line with relevant accounting document number and press the button “Reverse Calculated Interests”:

Fill the reversal reason and confirm the prompt:

The program will issue a typical application log with the list of documents posted during reversal.

Unlike in SAP ECC, reversal of the interest run in SAP S4 HANA works in one step: this action immediately clears the entries from the table INTITIT and adjusts the master data of the business partner. In this regards, you can say that Fiori App provides better user experience.

Hope this post was useful and you found something of value. Please comment and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please also check out other posts on this and related topics.



P.S. Disclaimer: customer names used in this example were invented and do not represent actual companies.