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Hello all,

Here is a blog about recently added standard functionality.



In my current project, I came across a scenario for Sales Order, where we wanted to restrict dropdown values for Order Reason.

For example, let's say we have maintained below 5 Order Reasons via customization:

980, 981, 982, 983, 984

Now, for a particular scenario (combination of Document Type + Sales Organization), if we want to display only 980, 981 and 982 as possible Order Reason, this was not possible in general (can be achieve with enhancements).

So far, all the possible values were available in drop-down for Order Reason and Rejection Reason.



On searching in SAP ONE Support, I found that SAP has released a standard solution(SAP Note 2477027 in Mar 2019) for this, which is available starting from SAP_APPL 605-17 and other similar releases and packs.(detailed information available in SAP Note).

As part of this solution, we can now restrict drop-down values for Order Reason and Rejection Reason based on Sales Organization and Sales Document Type by maintaining entries in

  • Table TVAU_AUART_VKO for filtering drop down values in Order Reason (Tcode VAUP)

  • Table TVAG_AUART_VKO for filtering drop down values in Rejection Reason (Tcode VAGP)


For Order Reason, if we need only 980, 981 and 982 for Sales Org 7111 and Document Type ZSAM, below highlighted entries need to be maintained.


Outcome is as below:


Similarily, this can be achieved for Order Rejection Reason also via TCode VAGP.


Hope this will help some of the consultants / clients who have been looking for this feature.


Thanks for reading. Do let me know your feedback in comments section below.


Warm Regards,

Shyam Agrawal
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