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Hello Community,

In this blog, I am going to brief, how we can restrict material/component reservation when Process order/production order is having Created (CRTD) system status.

Business Requirement,

System should not reserve the stock for production/process order component until and unless the order status set to ''Released'' (REL) by the business users.

To fulfill the business requirement have to follow below Prerequisite-


Business which is getting handled with Process orders- Follow below IMG Path,

Production Planning for Process Industries> Process order> Master Data> Order> Define Order-Type-Dependent Parameters

Business which is getting handled with Production orders- Follow below IMG Path,

Production > Shop Floor Control> Master Data> Order> Define Order-Type-Dependent Parameters

Execute above yellow highlighted step,

Now, As show below, Open the required Plant and Process order type combination and inside Planning tab select the indicator as ''2 (From release)'' against Reservation /Purchase requisition field.

Note : If the above indicator is set to ''3'' then the reservation against process order/production order components is generated when the process order is created or having ''CRTD'' status.

Transaction/Process steps,

Stock Overview of Process order/Production order component,

Transaction- MMBE,

As per above screenshot, before creating order, Reserved stock quantity = 0/Zero


Process order created for FG material and its having ''CRTD'' (Created) status,

Component quantity = 11 EA.


Now again executing Stock overview for above process order component, to check the reserved stock quantity when order status is ''CRTD''.

Transaction- MMBE,

We can see that, Reserved stock quantity is still having 0/Zero Quantity.

Now going to release the process order,

Process order set to Released ''REL'' status-


Execute, MMBE again to check the reserved stock quantity,

As per the above screenshot, we can see that for above process order component stock has been reserved with ''11 EA' Quantity.  Note- Inside process order, above component is having ''11 EA'' quantity.


Once the process order/production order will get released or having ''REL'' status then only system will reserve the stock for components with its required quantity.


Above process is replicated in ECC system, Same will be applicable to S4hana system as well.


Please follow me and add your likes and comments on this blog to make it more useful for all of us. It will be very much appreciated. 

Follow SAP managed tag ''MAN Production planning(PP)''  for more such technical content related to Production planning(PP).

Thanks for the support always.



Akash Acharya
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