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The following blog post is a submission for SAP Business One Development Challenge.



Resolv Mobile Demo Video:


Submission Details

Solution Name: Resolv WMS: Order-to-Cash 

Solution Description:

Resolv Mobile provides Warehouse Management System (WMS) features and mobile access to relevant Supply Chain and Distribution information from SAP Business One via an innovative approach where there the data is always real-time and because are no separate databases, it is impossible to ever be out of sync.

This mobile first application is built on a device agnostic HTML5 responsive design capable platform based SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 guidelines. It can be deployed for the Cloud, on-premise, or for hybrid environments. Resolv utilizes SAP Cloud Platform features such as the Translation Hub to allow each employee to work in any of the approximately 40 languages that they find most suitable.

Resolv Mobile is intuitive to use, simple to deploy and has been designed to minimize implementation time and costs. By using SAP Business One's native features for Units of Measure, Barcodes, Bin Management, as well as master data such as Business Partners, Items, Warehouses, Serial and Batch Numbers, Bill of Materials and more, chances are most SAP Business One systems are “preconfigured”.

Resolv Mobile works together with the rest of the Resolv suite of modules to provide end to end solutions, including WMS, Container Management, Inventory and Production, Quality Control, Packing and Freight Management, Analytics, RMA's and more.

Resolv Mobile Order to Cash is a key component within Resolv WMS for SAP Business One 9.3. Order to Cash provides every authorized employee with a comprehensive real-time viewpoint into the details of any SAP Business One Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, AR or AP transaction and the company's master data in a simple to use interface through their SAP Fiori supported mobile device. Employees can quickly search and have information at their fingertips, and can take full advantage of their mobile device to use their touchscreen, camera, and even their voice to keep them connected and informed no matter where they are working.


Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

OEC is a growing distribution company that has operations in several US states and in Canada. The company has a few warehouses and also utilizes public 3PL warehouses to ensure its products are available for OEC's customers. Each office has a handful of Salespeople and regional managers. Over time, the company has picked up a diverse offering of products and has several different Item Groups, as well as different customer profiles and pricing tiers. Customer Service is a key driver of the company's success, and all interactions with business partners are expected to be completed within a single call, email or meeting. Employees need to have real-time access to stock availability, pricing, service call records, order history and current status as well as activities and other marketing information.

Persona Identified:

An example of the ideal user is the warehouse or operations manager who needs immediate access to inventory location details, in-coming purchase orders, transfers or out-going deliveries, from within his tablet, from anywhere in the warehouse or in the fields. Resolv Mobile OTC also provides the user the ability to read and update activities.

Meet Joy, your Operations Manager. She has been with the company for years, and now works in the company headquarters to oversee diverse functional managers and handles business partner escalations (for both customers and vendor/suppliers).

Pain Points:

Without Resolv Mobile, OEC's user would face typical pain points found in many companies in their industry.

  • Separate systems for managing Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and the Warehouse

  • Expensive hardware and minimal choice in form factor

  • Lack of real-time viability into current status of the Warehouse

  • Data synchronization issues

  • Slow, poor, or inaccurate customer service responses

  • Redundant processes and data entry


Value Proposition Canvas

Solution Details:

Resolv Mobile provides direct access to SAP Business One from anywhere on any device. In doing so, OEC's employee can:

  • Work in the way that is most comfortable for them

    • Move seamless between Tablets, Phones, Laptops and PCs

    • Pick from approximately 40 different languages

    • Take advantage of any hardware, including the device camera and microphone

    • Personalized data with "My Documents" and counters

  • Search for data in a "Google like" manner

    • Item code or description

    • Barcode

    • Serial Number or Batch Number

    • Customer or Vendor code or name

    • Document number including Pick List, Purchase Order, Production Order, or Sales Order

  • Immediately answer their Customer's questions about

    • Sale Quotes

    • Sales Order

    • Pick Status

    • Deliveries and Tracking Information

    • Returns

    • Invoices, Down Payments and Credit Memos

    • Payment History

    • Item stock availability and pricing

  • Work on developing more business using

    • Activities

    • Opportunities

    • Blanket Agreements

  • Update Data and process transactions

    • Upload pictures from the camera

    • Attach PDF, Word Documents, Excel files, or any other file type

    • Create or update transactions

      • Pick Lists

      • Deliveries

      • Goods Receipt POs

      • Inventory Transfers

      • Production Orders

      • Disassembly Orders

      • RMA's

      • Inventory Counting

    • Automated recommendations

      • Directed Put away

      • Cross Docking

      • Bin Replenishment

  • Support for advanced Supply Chain

    • Quality Control

    • Container Management

    • Freight Management

    • Warehouse Management

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Employee Performance

    • Bin Velocity

    • Item Velocity

    • Current Status User Inquires

    • Bin Levels

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

    • Label Printing

Solution Technology

UX Technology usedSAP Fiori, SAPUI5 v1.52, SAP Fiori Client

Platform Technology used: SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, SAP Business One 9.3 PL02, SAP HANA Service Layer, SSL Certificate security, SAP Identity SSO.

Other innovative technology used: SCP Service (Translation Hub, Destinations), HANA SQL Syntax (Fuzzy Search, complex queries)

HANA libraries or 3rd party libraries used: SAP UI Microcharts Library, Google Maps API, Apache Cordova Plugin for Camera based Barcode scanning, Google Webkit for Voice Recognition, Client-side XSJS, JavaScript / JQuery

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:

Resolv Mobile Order to Cash has a wide footprint of customers and industries that can benefit from its ease of use and enhanced functionality. Almost any SAP Business One installation that is using the Sales, Service, Purchasing and/or Inventory features can make immediate use of our solution.

Marketing strategy:

Achieve IT Solutions believes that education of how Small and Medium Businesses can best take advantage of the capabilities afforded to them by technology is the best way to reach our target audience. When an owner or other stakeholder can see the benefit to their business, Resolv will naturally become a component of their execution strategy. Additionally, if the barriers to implementation are reduced the customer benefits from lower costs and faster Return on Investment.

We seek to accomplish our strategy through our own direct efforts and close collaboration with our channel partners. This is and will continue to be supplemented with programs such as free evaluation licenses for end users, and increased public access to our applications.

Road Map

Achieve IT has published a video of our road map which can be viewed below:

Resolv has been developed for over 10 years and has continuously evolved with the changing technical landscape, both broad based and those specifically from SAP. Resolv has grown to become a comprehensive suite that is embedded in and extends the best of SAP Business One. Achieve IT always adopts the latest features and technology, as demonstrated by a brief overview of some key milestone:

SAP Business One version 2005A

  • Resolv gets its start with roots in several SDK add-ons for the SQL platform.

  • Continued development through SAP Business One 2007 and 8.x versions.

SAP Business One version 9.0

  • Migration of all SDK modules from SQL to HANA

  • Redesign of WMS to use SAP Business One native Bin Management and Item Units of Measure

  • SAP Business One Certification for both SQL and HANA

SAP Business One version 9.1

  • Extended functionality for HANA in Resolv Modules

  • Design of a completely new WMS with mobile first, Fiori based architecture utilizing the Service Layer

SAP Business One version 9.2

  • Public release of Resolv Mobile on SAP Fiori Client

  • Support for Cloud

  • Extended functionality and utilization of HANA technologies within Resolv Mobile

  • Integration of Web Services for Freight Integration

  • Utilization of SAP Cloud Platform Translation Hub

SAP Business One version 9.3 and beyond

This release of our Resolv Mobile OTC aligns with SAP Business One 9.3 and begins a further transformation into a loosely coupled solution and a further refinement of offering all of our solutions in a micro service format.

The road map for Resolv as we look toward future versions will feature all of our modules being offered within the Fiori interface, and being made available for all environments via the use of public cloud such as the SAP Cloud Platform. 2018 and 2019 will be dedicated to adoption of public APIs such as the SAP API Business Hub and continued inter-connectivity with third party web services such as we have already done with Google, and expanded use of social media platforms, public big data sources, and strategic hardware APIs for IoT.

Resolv also benefits from having a large global install base and a distribution channel with SAP Partners around the world. Each implementation provides the opportunity for increased customer feedback, feature requests and new innovations.

Contact Information

PartnerAchieve IT Solutions - SAP Gold Partner

CountryUnited States of America

Team NameResolv Division

Team Members:

Additionally, Achieve IT Solutions offers a special thanks to the many members our Resolv Development, Implementation, Consulting and Support teams whose contributions continuously improve our Resolv products.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team at partnersupport@achieveits.com or for more information please visit www.achieveits.com

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