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HI Folks,

This Blogs is to make aware of the functionality that SAP has provided. Lets consider a business scenario where the business user may accidently close a task that is assigned to them. So the user were not able to reset the task status back to release from complete or from successful status. So the user used to create a new Task and perform the corrections again.


SAP has provided Notes to achieve this functionality

2829742 - Pre-requisite for the below note-

2840136 - Note to implement the required functionality.


After implementing the above notes, enable the functionality of resetting by setting the flag as active, as shown in the below image

Problem notification Analysis ( Reset task to be released ) - X

This flag will be enabled only after implementing the note.


After enabling the flag, the button shown in the below screenshot will be available and it can be used to reset the task status back to release from completed.


Many new functionality have been added by the SAP, but we are not aware of these notes. Hope this blogs save the development .



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