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Dear all,

I would like to share one interesting and useful report which creates Transport of copies and releases them to the target system.

In some projects we came across with difficulty to test our developments due to not having enough test data. Recently I had one project where no test data is available in DEV system and we need create TOC and move it to quality system to test every single change in the logic. At the same time that makes you to write code more carefully, since you don't want to create TOC over and over again  🙂

But this process takes time such as creating TOC and import it to target system, besides I found it sometimes annoying. So I decided to create report which does the same job instead of me.

All I need to provide is transport request number, it is also easy to select thanks to value help in selection screen.

This is how the report look like:

Value help on the first input field gives you the option to choose both customizing and workbench requests under your user name:

Selected transport number will be released and you just need to import it in target system.

Here I am providing the source code in my GitHub profile and hope you will find it insightful.

TOC Report repository link
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