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As we know, SAP doesn't provide the report to display WHT for customers and vendors. Below, there're some alternatives:

1. Do a query by SQVI and merge BSIK vs WITH_ITEM and then assign to a transaction (screen shots below);

2.  Check the tables KNBW for customer and LFBW for vendors;

3. Copy the report S_P00_07000134 for country's client and customize it;

4. Create a new Z report with ABAP help.


For the first option you have to follow the steps:

1. Access to a SQVI, choose a name for your new report, insert the title, in the Data Source choose the Table join option and then the layout mode;

2. Insert the tables: BSIK for the open line items and WITH_ITEM for Witholding tax FI line items. Create the links that will have the connections, like: company code, fiscal year and accounting document number or another one;

3. Click in back and choose the fileds for both tables that you want to view in the selection screen and output's report. Also, you can choose the sort sequence and the output. For view similar of the tables, it is "List Output". Do the "Check" to verify if everything is correct and then execute;

4. After execution, the report is already to be executed. For this client doesn't has a lot of line items, so it was inserted just the fiscal year to demonstrate but if you have many line items, you'll have to insert at least the company code and exercise because these two fields it are key fields in these tables;

5. And the the report was executed;

I hope this can help you.


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