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Repetitive structures in HR denotes the table which is having the same type of field structures(which stores same kind of values).

For example : In HR we will be having table PA0008(For Infotype 0008 Basic Pay).

This table stores all the wage types assigned to an employee in its fields LGAXX,  BETXX,  ANZXX,  EINXX and OPKXX.....

Here XX denotes the number 01-40.. This fields are repeted for 40 times, as it is defined in SAP system(We can maintain 40 different wage types for an employee in Standards)...

Now if we want to fetch any specific wage type from these fields, we have to check for each field, as the wage type may be stored in any of these fields.

For the above requirement SAP comes with a set of keywords which are useful to achieve this.

We need to use the below syntax for the Requirement:-

RP-PROVIDE-FROM-LAST P0008 SPACE PN-BEGDA PN-ENDDA.     " This syntax will fetch the last record


DO NN TIMES VARYING LGART FROM P0008-LGA01 NEXT P0008-LGANN                " NN denotes number 01-40

                                         BETRG FROM P0008-BET01 NEXT P0008-BETNN.

then we can specify our conditions, based on which we need to fetch the data .

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