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S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition Delivers a Charts of Accounts which is a generic template and may not meet all industry/country-specific requirements. And many organizations may want to continue with their existing account codes which could be of SAP or non-SAP Account codes.

The process of renumbering G/L accounts facilitates the adaptation of the standard chart of accounts to meet specific Chart of Account (COA) requirements.


Summary of Renumbering Process

  • Renumbering and renaming process is done in the Development System and transported to Quality and Production system.

  • You can execute the process multiple times for a G/L Account but ensure that there are no postings in the Test (Quality) and Production systems.

  • In productive mode, when adding new scope items or introducing new country versions, adapt G/L accounts by renumbering and renaming them in the Development System before entering postings for these new accounts in the Production System.

  • If your G/L account IDs exceed the default length i.e., 8 characters. Then you should change the length of G/L Account in the "Edit Chart of Accounts List" config step.

  • G/L Which you do not want to map or use, marked them as Not Used.

    • It will set the G/L with Not Used

    • It will block the G/Ls in Development system.

    • It will also remove them from transport request which means, these G/Ls will not be seen in Quality and Production system.

  • In future you can use them by removing and not used and Block indicators. With or without mapping.

  • To prevent the usage of certain accounts in the P system but retain them for testing purposes in the D system, you should mark them as "Not used." Afterward, remove the posting block, ensuring they won't be transported to the P system and remain available for test postings in the D system.

  • Take particular care when renumbering G/L accounts that play a role in automatic account determination. Renumbering process also change the G/Ls in configuration and Financial Statement Version.

  • Ensure that you always renumber G/L accounts with the same purpose to avoid potential issues. Otherwise, incorrect properties may be assigned to the G/L account, leading to transaction errors. For instance, if you renumber an Accounts Payable reconciliation G/L as an Accounts Payable Provision G/L, the new G/L may retain the nature of a reconciliation G/L, making it unsuitable for direct postings of provisions, which are not allowed on reconciliation G/Ls.

  • If you don’t keep or map G/Ls that are assigned in the configuration or allocation cycles, it will require extensive manual configurations.

  • Ensure that when utilizing the group chart of accounts YGR1 and marking G/L accounts as "Not Used," you assign a group account number to the specific accounts that you wish to modify.

  • Renumbering can be done for Operating Chart of Account (YCOA), Group Chart of Account (YGR1), and Alternative/Local Chart of Accounts.

  • This Renumbering process is not available/ allowed in Starter System. In fact, it is not required also.

  • Please follow further instruction at Renumbering G/L Accounts: Overview | SAP Help Portal

  • Chart of Account Configuration - Overview.pptx (SAP Customer) this PPT will give you step wise instruction. It is available on roadmapviewer (https://go.support.sap.com/roadmapviewer/#) for customers.


Authorization Required for Renumbering Process

  • You need an approve while you release the mapping. List of the approvers would appear who have the authorization of catalog “SAP_FIN_BC_GL_MD_COA_PC”. It could be the one who is doing the mapping.

Role Catalog Use


Execution of Renumbering Process

  • You can renumber and change the description.

  • You can renumber one G/L at a time.

  • You can renumber multiple G/L at time.

  • You can renumber with download and upload feature.


Step 1: Renumber G/L Accounts App

Click + button or Click All G/Ls in Auto-populate button.


Releasing Mapping

Select your Administrator.

Click ‘OK’


Step2: Release in My Inbox App

Approve the mapping.


Step3: Convert Renumber G/L Accounts App

Excel Upload method

Line items 1,2,3,4 and 6 is being mapped.

Line item 5 is not mapped, and business do not want to keep in their chart of accounts in production.

G/L Code Renumber Section

Description changes Section



Disclaimer: This article is intended solely for educational purposes. When engaging in customer projects or working with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition, it is essential to follow and seek guidance from the official SAP documentation available on https://help.sap.com/docs/ for S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.


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